Insightful Statistics to Make CRM Adoption Successful

Adopting a CRM offers several benefits to your company, including improved sales and great ROIs. However, if your team is not adequately introduced to the tool’s functionalities, it can fail your CRM project. 

Thus, it becomes crucial for you to ensure the successful implementation of a CRM tool. But how would you achieve that?

Following are seven CRM adoption stats that can guide you on how exactly you can attain successful CRM adoption:  

1. “91% of Companies With ten or More Employees Have a CRM”- CRM Magzine

Given the kind of applications, a CRM tool offers, more and more companies recognize its significance.

As customer relationship is at the core of every enterprise, many companies rely on a CRM system in managing their relationships with customers and prospects. Despite several adoption challenges, companies still look at CRM as a prerequisite to growing their business.  

2. “22% of Salespeople Don’t Know What a CRM Is”- HubSpot

This statistic is not in alignment with the first one. While 91% of companies have a CRM, 22% of Salespeople don’t know anything about it. These two states together represent a massive marginalization of salespeople from the company’s objectives. So what is the point here to invest in such a tool then?

Before you consider implementing a CRM tool into your workflow, communicate with your team about the significance of the tool and the kind of benefits it offers. This way, your entire sales team will be well informed, and you can then maximize the benefits of a CRM system.

3. “Only 45% of Organizations Use CRM to Store Their Lead and Customer Data”- HubSpot

It means that less than half of businesses utilize a CRM for its intended purpose, i.e. to store and regulate customer data.

Although most companies have a CRM system in place, they are not making the proper use of the system. Instead, they are relying on informal tools like Excel or Outlook for managing customer data. As a result, it poses the risk of valuable customer data getting misplaced or even lost.

If companies are not making the proper use of a CRM system, investing in it won’t be of any value.

4. “Less Than 40% of Businesses Have a CRM Adoption Rate Over 90%” – CSO Insights

This stat underlines the fact of how rare the right CRM adoption is in businesses. Thus, it becomes essential to utilize tools that support you achieve your user adoption goals.

5. “Manual Data Entry Is the No. 1 CRM Adoption Challenge” – HubSpot

The above stat mentions the necessity of eliminating manual data entry required by a CRM system to facilitate a successful adoption. Therefore, you can consider setting up CRM data automation, as it will eliminate up to 5.5 hours per week of data entry for each sales rep.

6. “32% of Sales Reps Spend Over an Hour on Data Entry Every Day” – HubSpot

Your salespeople probably hate CRMs because of a great deal of time they spend in making data entry. In addition, the process of entering clients’ contact details, keeping the system up-to-date, and working towards finding actionable insights might feel overwhelming to them.

What’s the fix? Along with the CRM data automation tool, consider opting for RIA or relationship intelligence automation. A tool like RIA will automatically collect, analyze, and deliver customer data to your sales team either through email or on a mobile device without any manual input.  

7. “64.2% of Companies Rate CRM Tools as Impactful or Very Impactful” – LinkedIn

Nearly two-thirds of companies have realized the true potential of a CRM tool. By offering relationship intelligence, a CRM system helps you grab new upselling opportunities. Thereby, your sales team can drive sales with welcoming introductions and improved collaborations. 

This will pace up the sales cycle and create more incredible deals, allowing your team to close more deals. In short, CRM automation helps you bring in more revenue and attain desired growth.

Wrap Up

The stats discussed here are not meant to scare you with the CRM adoption process. Instead, they highlighted to shed light on some of the crucial facts about the process. Get insights from these statistics and improve the outcomes with a successful CRM adoption process.

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