Intelligent Technology Revamping Call Centers

Undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing various industries worldwide. The incorporation of this intelligent technology has ensured the smoother functioning of businesses in various aspects.  Since call centers are the first touch-point in providing a good customer experience, their integration with artificial intelligence will help enterprises to deliver a personalized positive experience to consumers. 

Here are some of the ways how intelligent technology can transform call centers.

Intelligent Call Routing

As a customer, when we make calls to a call center, we hope for a quick response and expect the agent to provide a swift and effective resolution to our queries or issues. But does that happen every time? Probably Not. Most of the time we don’t get a quick response or end up with a wrong customer care agent who does not understand our query or does not provide an appropriate resolution to our issues. In both cases, a lot of our time is wasted.

AI-based virtual agent acts as real call center agents, asking questions and providing immediate conversational support. It takes care of basic and simple customer queries or fulfillments. Meanwhile, in case of more complex situations, it routes the call to the right customer care agent, ensuring that customer queries are addressed by a skilled person. 

Intelligent technology in call centers enables a call routing facility that reduces the time-duration of calls, eliminates the wait time and customer’s constant effort to reach the right agent. It also ensures that customer queries and issues are resolved as quickly as possible. This, in turn, revamps customer satisfaction

Intelligent Technology: Analyzing Past and Real-Time Data

Customer service agents can provide a better and improved service if they understand their customers.

For example, suppose the agents have knowledge of how a particular customer has interacted with the company in the past. In that case, they can have an excellent option to respond to the customer and provide a personalized conversation. But analyzing all the previous voice calls of a customer is an impossible task. 

Artificial Intelligence, being a brilliant analyzer of big data, can examine massive voice-based data and determine various emotional elements like anger, satisfaction, and heightened frustration in the customer’s voice. Based on this information, intelligent technology creates a behavioral pattern and provides an organized historical data about how a particular customer has interacted in the past. And along with the real-time data, AI will provide a road-map that will assist the agents to offer better customer service

Monitoring and Analyzing the Agents

When customers’ call gets connected to the agents, there are possibilities that agents might not understand the query or the customer may not be able to comprehend the resolution provided by the agent. This might lead to agents losing their cool and behave rudely with the customers. As a result, the company will ruin its reputation and also lose plenty of customers in the future. 

To avoid this, agents’ calls are monitored, and their performance is analyzed. However, this is done manually by a small number of human agents, making it impossible to analyze every call. Hence, only a few calls are monitored and listened to. Such call analysis can also be inaccurate and biased. All these issues can be resolved at once by clubbing Artificial Intelligence with the call center system. Intelligent technology in call centers monitors and examines the calls in real-time and provides instant feedback to the customer service agent. This will guide the agent to respond most effectively, avoiding any possibility of improper behavior with the customer. 

Comprehend What works and What Doesn’t Work

It is of utmost importance for any business to recognize processes and areas that are efficient and also those which require urgent attention. Intelligent technology in call centers analyze crucial metrics such as peak hours, response time, call drop rate, and handling time. It enables the company to comprehend areas that are strong and determine those which require immediate action. This way, a business can improve customer experience and bridge the gap between the company and its customers.

Customer service plays a significant role in enhancing the productivity of a business. And good customer service ensures improved customer satisfaction rates and build the reputation of the company in the market. AI’s ability to analyze big data in real-time and identify the customers’ behavioral pattern enables the enterprises to offer a quick and personalized response to each customer. Integration of intelligent technology in call centers will assure improved customer experience and elevate the trust of the customers in the company.