Onpassive AI Based Platform

Artificial intelligence is all around us, and we use it for our day to day task. Before considering how artificial intelligence is impacting business, let’s have a quick run-through on artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is a term that is for computer applications which get engaged in a task which requires a humanlike skillset, including learning, analysing and finding the best solution to the problem.

AI-based Business Tools Available for Better Business Experience:


Today’s world is running at a high pace, and people don’t have the patience for anything. In such an environment, your business needs to be always available for the customer for their better experience.

This chatbot application works on your behalf, 24/7, with artificial intelligence and machine learning, this tool feed on the customer data and recognizes pattern itself to provide a better solution to the customers enhancing customer experience.

Staff Manager: 

Developers has built the most advanced AI tool for workflow management and staff management to make the daily task of the employee and managers leisurely in a snap.

This tool works 24/7 even when the employees are not available; this tool does its job from assigning a task to forecasting significant employees’ requirement.

Decision making is automated, and your business can run hand in hand with intelligence and efficiency what’s the need of today’s world. With such staff manager tools, the managers and employees employ shorter time looking for the work and gets added time concentrating on achieving excellent results for the business.

Multi Business Tool: 

Handling one business is challenging and running multiple ventures at the same time is more complicated. Choosing software or an application for your business is confusing and time-consuming.

It’s the fact that developers with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the traditional way of handling business and transforming it to a smart method of handling business which allows a business person to run multiple companies at a time.

Flexible Wallet: 

Online payment is very risky these days because the hackers out there in the world are waiting for a small mistake from your end so that they can credit their account with your money.

To avoid high-risk payment transactions, such tools with the help of AI, offer your business a wallet for your customer to be free from the fraudulent. These wallet tools boost your customer with the principle of trust gaining by risk-free mobile payment and encourage more mobile sales.

ONPASSIVE is an excellent upcoming platform with all business solution under one roof. You don’t have to go out in the market looking comparing and choosing for the best tools for every task if you go ONPASSIVE.

This platform is a smart business solution for intelligent business persons enhancing your business and asset side of your company’s financial statement.