Whiteboard Animations

You may have come across the videos describing a story with an animated series of characters on a whiteboard. Whiteboard animation has a distinct feature. It is video featuring animated characters that look like they are hand drawn on a white background.

Earlier, artists used to tell a story while drawing with a marker, but nowadays digital drawings and the value-added content is easily produced. Whiteboard animation is in huge demand because they are interesting and engaging.

Visual representation is the primary advantage of the whiteboard animations. They will engage audience and create a lot of interest in the video. Let’s have a clear understanding oN making excellent whiteboard videos

Quick Takeaways from the Article:

  • How Whiteboard animations grab people’s attention
  • Importance of whiteboard animation in brand awareness
  • How to craft a beautiful whiteboard animation video

Have a Script:

Before starting an animation, the creator (artist) should have a script, which should denote the three thumb rules – “why”, “what” and “how”. The same explanation is explained in detail in the video from the beginning to the end. Do not get digressed from the original idea. Keep it simple and precise.

Next Storyboard:

After the script work, the next important criterion is the storyboard.

The essential scenes of videos are practically shown or gathered in the storyboard so that animation part gets easier for illustrators, voice artists, animators and whoever associated with the work.

Three Main Important Rules of the Whiteboard Videos:

The whiteboard video has three primary rules: a Whiteboard, Continuous drawing, and a Drawing hand.

The whiteboard helps in conveying the message, and avoid changing the background colors often which could be distracting.

If the drawing doesn’t include a drawing hand, then there will not be real-time drawing, it looks like a regular animated video.

Improve Brand Awareness:

Whiteboards don’t always require black drawings or animation; they can require some colorful sketches and brand logos.

Creating an informative video is a must, because it can invisibly create our brand awareness.

Target Audience Feel Connected To Brand:

Do a market research to identify your ideal buyer persona. A thorough competitor analysis helps you narrow down on your ideal buyers. Create a unique brand identity that communicates with your ideal buyers. Create a white board video for your business that speaks the language of your buyers.

If we help, create the same feel on the whiteboard animation that resembles in the persona of the audience, then we are successful in creating a great customer engagement.

Sweet and Short:

People are very busy, and it is important grab their attention. Good content is precise, to the point and creative. In about 15 seconds we should inform our customers what we want to convey.

Ideally, the maximum video length should be between 60 to 90 seconds. It can be longer but it is important to communicate your message to help the viewer understand your brand.

Focus On Quality:

Marketing videos should be of good quality. Either it might be a resolution of the video or how we present the information. Remember that the video represents your brand’s image.

If customers think it is a bad quality content, it is unlikely that people will be motivated to trust your business. Hence, quality always shows the standard and trustworthiness.


The above-mentioned whiteboard animations tips will help you attract an audience and create awareness about a brand in the market.

Brilliant Whiteboard animations are unique media to educate and communicate people about a brand with exciting visuals.