Invitation to All

Do you remember when did you hear about Artificial Intelligence for the first time and you hated it? Any guesses? OK, here is a hint – Skynet. Now, do you remember?

Yes, exactly. It’s the 80s movie ‘Terminator’ where the story revolved around a T-1000 Terminator Robot, played by super strong Arnold Schwarzenegger, which time-travelled from the future to the past to kill John Connor. The Terminator was controlled by artificial superintelligence neural network called Skynet which was initially designed to serve humans but turned out to be a villain.

Everyone hated the robot till they saw the next part of Terminator series where the original T-1000 becomes a hero and saves John Connor from a more advanced shape-shifting T-1000 which was sent to kill him.

It’s obvious that you have liked Arnold’s transformation from a villain to a hero in this series, but did the movie help you to change your opinion about artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence so far is serving humans every day in a great way. From using Google to booking a cab or booking a movie ticket, it is making our life easier and sophisticated.

But as the title of this writing suggests, let us know how is it helping both business owners and customers in the field of marketing?

Before we have an explanation on this, let us discuss why Mobile Marketing? Why can’t AI be integrated with desktop marketing? Or, can it be integrated with both Mobile Marketing?

You have to agree with me on this – Mobile is the new desktop, isn’t it? Half of the entire web traffic is contributed by Mobiles, followed by tablets and the desktop.

However, with the increasing use of mobiles nowadays, the focus of business owners seems to be more on improving UX by providing intuitive apps, fast-loading mobile-friendly apps and websites, and features that auto-approves required actions such as auto OTP recognition.

According to Statista, nearly 52% of users engage less with a company post facing a bad mobile experience.

Since you understood how mobiles fit into today’s business need. Now, let us discuss how AI can impact mobile marketing.

  1. Automated Search and Shopping: Whenever you ask anything to Siri or Alexa, they respond you in your native language as if a person is talking to you. They not only search a suitable product for you but also purchase the item on your behalf using your saved card details on the shopping site.
  2. Customer Database Creation and Segregation: If your enterprise is already using AI to keep track of incoming traffic, then it would also segregate and create bucket for each user type based on their demography, interest and behaviour of interaction on the site and products. In short, AI would create a buyer persona of your customers on your behalf.
  3.  Personalization of Ads and Contents: This buyer persona is later used by the AI to create personalized ads targeted to display on desired customer types only. Personalized emails, videos or blogs could be auto-published to specific customers who are at different stages of the buying process.
  4. Ease of Customer Service: Installation of auto-responding Chatbots on the business site or Social media official pages is a good example of AI integration in customer service. The bots provide quick and faster resolution which not only reduces the pain of handling multiple customers at the same time but also help in improving brand reputation and CX.

There are many other benefits of AI which are evident to get integrated further such as Virtual Augmented Reality (VR), Auto-image identification and publication, etc. So far AI has only proposed a better life to Mobile marketing and currently, it is just the initial stage of their relationship. Let’s wish them a happy married life and wish AI doesn’t turn out to be a bad T-1000 someday in the future.