Linux Webserver

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You may be wondering whether a Linux or Windows is the perfect web server for your business. Both of these web servers are unique in their way and have certain advantages above all else.

They are certain benefits of using either a Linux web server or a Windows web server for your business! You must be aware of the advantages of using one web server over the other.

There are specific critical differences between them in terms of cost, use, versatility and stability. Windows cost more than Linux. Let us take a quick overview of the functionality of a Windows web server against a Linux web server.

What are the features of using Linux web servers?

Some unique features of using Linux web servers are:

  • Linux web servers are useful for running scripts which are written explicitly in PHP, Perl, Python and other Unix originated languages.
  • Some features of using a Linux web server are MySQL and Postgre SQL databases.

What are the features of using Windows web servers?

Some of the more unique features of using Windows web servers are:

  • Windows web servers allow for running different types of ASP scripts.
  • The web servers also utilize several different Microsoft technologies.
  • They also support Microsoft SQL server and accesses database.

Linux hosting is much better than using Microsoft hosting and does not require any scripting support. It is much more economical, and your website may need more scripting and database support as well.

It helps to choose the platform, which also supports the technologies that you can use.

The key takeaway is to choose your goals and needs for choosing an operating system as well as a web host. Linux and Windows web servers have many different benefits and drawbacks as well.

You must understand what is more relevant to you and how different operating systems such as Linux and Windows. It can either help or hurt in accomplishing goals to avoid wasted time and efforts.

Choosing the right hosting company goes a long way in guaranteeing success for you. Some of the different aspects of choosing Linux or Windows web server are:

  1. Choosing the right operating system
  2. Selecting the right use cases
  3. Presence of Dev tools and control panels
  4. Aspects such as databases, domains and disk spaces
  5. Security, Reliability, and Technical support
  6. Pricing of a web server

In conclusion, whichever web server that you choose should be in helping you choose the perfect web server for your business. If there is a certain kind of functionality or feature that you are looking for, you must keep in mind the web server and its features. Good luck!