Dedicated Hosting

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In this article, we will be taking a closer look into understanding what shared or dedicated hosting are. These hosting services are different from one another in terms of different metrics such as performance and price.

So when you want to consider which type of hosting is preferable for your business based on factors such as your needs, performance required and the price of hosting as well.

What is the major difference between shared and dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting means that only a single site can be hosted on the server and with the help of shared hosting, the size of the disk space and allocated bandwidth is limited. You will be charged an amount, in case you exceed the overall amount as well.

The major differences between shared & dedicated hosting are:

  • The number of sites being hosted on the server:

When you use a shared hosting package, there are many organizations which host sites on the server. Unlike dedicated hosting, where only your website is being hosted on the server.

  • Overall bandwidth & disk space:

Servers have an allocated amount of disk space and bandwidth you are allocated. If you exceed your bandwidth and disk space, then you will be charged the more exceed your amount. Dedicated hosting is much better than shared hosting in case you have higher bandwidth needs and disk space.

  • Cost of hosting:

Shared hosting is much cheaper compared to a dedicated server as the costs are split up and divided among the different users. Shared hosting is much more affordable and is ideal for smaller organizations or businesses! This gives you more flexibility in terms of dealing with types of traffic spikes and the ability to customize based on your needs.

  • Technical skill required:

Shared hosting doesn’t require you to have specialized technical skills as maintenance, administration and security is the sole responsibility of the hosting provider. However, when you utilize a dedicated server, you need to anticipate that there will be crashes. This may mean that you have dedicated hosting plans, unlike colocated dedicated servers.

  • Level of security:

The security features of shared hosting are much higher as they have greater installed firewalls with server security applications and programs. When your website is on a dedicated hosting platform, there are fewer chances of acquiring viruses, malware and spyware.

Some of the other features that you should keep in mind when deciding on shared hosting or dedicated hosting platforms are:

  • IP blacklisting
  • Security of the website
  • Performance of the server
  • Response time of the website
  • Level of control available


You must make well-informed decisions, especially in your choice between shared and dedicated hosting. This helps to evaluate the budget of your operation, grasping the requirements and the degree of control required.

Based on your organization’s requirements we can help hundreds of businesses, develop their own comprehensive hosting strategy to meet the demands of your organization which may be big, small or even medium! Good luck in selecting the web hosting platform for your business!