IT Automation

“Data will talk to you if you’re willing to listen,” said Jim Bergeson.

Few can dispute this quote. Thanks to the Internet, social media, and a slew of affordable smart devices. There is a massive amount of data, and it only continues to pile on with each passing second. The accumulating data has given rise to new-age technology that has become the most used jargon – Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence, coupled with machine learning, has the power to study and interpret this data. It revolutionizing the way industries function and has given birth to two terms. Almost all businesses associate themselves with  – ‘Digital Transformation.’

AI gains more credence due to its ability to integrate with technologies like analytics, cloud, and security solutions. Artificial intelligence is at the forefront of an IT set-up due to the rise in storage costs, coupled with an increase in the number of connected devices. According to a Gartner forecast, AI-driven business value to reach $3.9 trillion in 2022.

ONPASSIVE AI: Resolution for the Year 2020

Now, how have the industries, businesses, and companies been coping up with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, and how have they implemented it in their respective markets?

IT Automation – The Torchbearer:

IT automation leads the way among the AI solutions already deployed. Amongst them, customer services, cybersecurity, virtual assistants are the vital areas where AI implementations are doing great. Still playing catching up is sales optimization and workforce management. Most of the industries that have implemented Artificial Intelligence in their businesses. Have all given thumbs-up of the automation while claiming substantial lead over competitors.

One of the primary reasons for many companies or businesses to implement AI has still been enhancing customer experience and improving their existing product range. Closely following this reason is optimizing internal operations by reducing headcount through automation. Then comes the goal of streamlining employee roles.

When the potent mix of Machine learning, analytics, and AI comes together, it can bring forth profound changes for businesses. The scope for AI adoption and implementation will further expand with sectors like healthcare, education, transport, as well as government-owned entities initiating this technology to improve their efficiency.

Adoption and Implementation of AI:

For the moment, the cost card of leveraging artificial intelligence into the business is soaring, and the future of AI looks very bright. Artificial intelligence, as foreseen, is becoming an integral part of many business verticles and platforms. It is a given that the future of business growth and prosperity lies within the implementation of AI.

Implementation of AI already offers unprecedented opportunities for companies and business owners. It is only the beginning, and the best is only yet to come. Artificial Intelligence will help businesses make the most of their enterprise and advance their business growth. In days to come, increasingly sophisticated and potent AI solutions will emerge and continue to evolve at an even faster pace.