So, you arrived at your job, clocked in the usual time on Monday morning. You quickly got settled in your office and prepared to get your daily task on the way. You proceeded to switch on your computer to get started, when a notification suddenly pops up on your monitor saying, ‘YOU MAY TAKE THE DAY OFF AS YOUR TASK FOR TODAY IS ALREADY DONE FOR YOU. ENJOY YOUR DAY WITH YOUR FAMILY OR GO TO THE BEACH OR WHATEVER YOU DESIRE TO DO. AUTHORISED BY MANAGEMENT.‘ Overcame by suspicion, you consulted your supervisor for clarity, who, without even allowing you to complete  presenting your concern, smiled at you and said, ‘ yes, it is all done for you.’  With raised eyebrows, you are now obviously surprised, while trying to absorb this strange bit of information. You subsequently closed your office and went home without saying much about it to anyone.

Next morning, prior to getting out of bed, you checked your phone for any messages that may have arrived overnight. To your surprise, it is another announcement saying, ‘YOUR JOB FOR THE REST OF THE MONTH IS DONE FOR YOU, YOU ARE BEING PAID TO STAY AT HOME. AUTHORISED BY MANAGEMENT. Not taking anything for granted, you called the company and was told by your boss that you remain a member of staff but your job is all done for you by artificial intelligence. As of today, you have no need to come to the office to carry out any duties that would have normally being assigned to you. Whether or not you report to work, you will still be paid in full, and all other benefits, bonuses, promotions, etc, will be passed on to you without any hesitations. 

As you slowly try to come to terms with this strange phenomena, you discovered that you continue to receive regular updates from your manager and your pay cheques are coming in your mail consistently and on time. You are now able to spend more time with your family, go on vacations whenever you desire, do all other activities that you always wanted to do, sleep late hours and permanently deactivate the alarm clock, while at the same time big cheques are been posted to you residually. This is the power of this mega company called ONPASSIVE. Just by being a member here, all my work is fully done by artificial intelligence and i am being paid for the rest of my life, without having to lift a finger.