Rossella Cairubbi


2 Sep 2020
2 Min read

It’s been 2 Years Since I Joined this Incredible Project of Love | Thanks ASH

Hello all, dear GoFounders’ family! Today, September 1st, it’s been 2 years since I joined this amazing family and opportunity.

Many things have changed in my life since that day, I felt broken for a long time because of sad events that touched me deeply, but I always believed in ONPASSIVE, in Ash… In this incredible “project of love” that was just born and that I saw growing better and stronger and amazing, more and more every day… and then, hard believing has been my deep power, always hoping for the best yet to come, always patiently waiting for the greatest business ever witnessed in my life…

To be built up for all of us by that genius and a really nice person who Ash is … And here we come, 2 years have gone and… it’s been an incredible journey ’till here… And yeah, we’re almost there… I feel deep emotion in my heart thinking about this, but the time has come for us to really start thinking as winners! Thank God, thanks, Ash … Thanks, Team … We are one, and we can’t be wrong when we act with love.

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