Business Card

Business cards are still irreplaceable despite all the technological advancements. No amount of automation can take their place. Most businessmen keep some cards handy and hand out one when shaking hands with a potential client. Promoting your business becomes easy during business seminars, trade fairs, or business meetings if you are carrying some cards.

Business cards are a vital part of the branding activities that marketers take up to stay afloat. Smart marketers understand the importance of business cards in the growth of their business and align the designs of their business cards with the nature of their business which speaks favorably for their business. For prospective clients and customers, business cards are a window to peep into an organization’ possible quality of products or services. According to studies, more than 72% of people form an opinion about an organization based on the look and quality of its business cards.

Types of Business Cards:

  • Trade business cards
  • Classic business cards
  • Wild format business cards
  • Social business cards
  • Orientated business Cards
  • Personal business cards
  • Profession-specific business cards

Here are the reasons why you still need to have a business card.

Creates a Credible and Professional Image.

Do you want to communicate that you’ve got your act together? A business card does just that for you. Having a set of business cards handy shows that you are well prepared and care about appearing professional and making relevant connections. It also provides people a physical record of who you are and how they can contact you, which is far quicker and convenient than typing someone’s contact details on a mobile phone.

A Vital Networking Tool

Today, businesses are expanding their networks through online means. But that hasn’t replaced networking in person, especially when it comes to building long-term relationships with experts in your field. This is why it’s important to always have a solid tool holding your contact information. When you’re having a face-to-face interaction with someone, no digital tool can replace the act of physically giving him something to remind him of the meeting. To stay ahead of the game, marketers should understand the importance of business cards as well as digital tools for expanding their network.

Many People Still Expect a Business Card from You

The importance of business cards is still high, even though we live in a digital era. People who attend business networking events still love to have your business card. Clumsily writing out your email ID on a sticky note or napkin isn’t going to make a great first impression. It will make you appear both unprofessional and unprepared. With a well-designed business card, you can effectively exchange key information with potential clients.

Helps in Boosting Lead Generation

Business cards can also help you win new clients. Include details on business your card about your business’ unique selling proposition. This could be anything from an impressive statistic about your business, tricks or tips. Think about what you can offer your prospects that your competitors can’t.

Brings Your Brand to Life

A card is an extension of your branding, whether it be personal or business, you should make sure that your card is aligned with your company’s professional identity. The colors used in your card should be in line with the colors used on your business website and other promotional materials. don’t forget to choose a decent font. Further, personalize your card with a business tagline and a custom logo.

Adds Legitimacy

Generally, people want to deal with organizations that they feel are trustworthy. When faced with businesses that lack well-known names or strongly established reputations, they judge them on their appearance and what people say about them. Having a nice business card is one way that you cue people that you are running a standard business they can trust.

The old-fashioned paper piece is still the easiest and effective way to share your business contact information with others. Even in this digital era, they are still helpful in reminding people about you and your business. So, don’t underestimate the importance of business cards for your business and get designed a decent one for yourself and keep it handy.