Yes, if you are still running the 9-5 race, I think it is about time to leave it behind and follow ONPASSIVE. 

We have so many opportunities in today’s digital world, and I see absolutely no reason why you should not create and live your best lives by exploiting these opportunities. 

Not sure how long you have been working a 9-5 job, but only you can testify how good it has been working for you. I heard somewhere that; the majority of heart attacks occur on Mondays between the hours of 6 am-10 am. This refers to the time most people are either preparing to go their jobs or already on the way to their 9-5 jobs.

You may be asking yourself why Mondays? 

It’s simple. After spending a nice weekend in the comfort of your home and family, maybe had a nice trip somewhere or watched your favourite game or movie stress-free, your stress level increases as Monday approaches, and peaks on Monday morning, as you suddenly start thinking of going back to a job you do not like, the fear of meeting you unfriendly boss or mean colleagues becomes challenging. 

You start developing palpitations, sweating, that bad headache sets in and before you know it, all you can remember is seeing the lights of the ambulance. This is not something anyone wishes it happens to self or anyone, yet that is a preventable reality we must acknowledge and deal with it.

Not every 9-5 job is traumatizing, and most people have an excellent experience with their 9-5 jobs and are satisfied, which I recognize and respect. But one thing some people still miss is the notion of time freedom, or allowing their lives and time controlled by someone else.

Why allow some else control your life and your time when ONPASSIVE enables you to be in control of your life and time?

Why build someone else´s dream, when ONPASSIVE allows you to work on, and make your dream?

Why rely on someone to write you a check, when ONPASSIVE allows you to not only write you check but also to determine the size of your check?

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