Thank You Ash from the bottom of my heart!!

Thank you Ash

I still cannot believe and I have to pinch myself to be sure that this is real (after 30 years of failure), found a company, a family, a home that is going to give me the freedom that has been eluding me for my entire life in this industry!!

I had all but given up, thrown in the towel because I just did not believe that anything out there was going to give me the financial and time freedom that I have been looking for. UNTIL…I came across a post from a Facebook friend about ONPASSIVE and GoFounders!! I signed up immediately and have never looked back!!

Thank You Ash from the bottom of my heart!!

Jim Shirley

onpassive founder
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  • Avatar Hans Striedner

    Mir geht es auch so ich bin 40 Jahre im Außendienst unterwegs hab viele Unternehmen kennengelernt, bis mich ein Lieber Freund mich anruft und mir onpassive vorstellte ich könnte das im Anfang nicht glauben, aber nach ein Monat hab ich mich endschieden und meldete mich Dan an, und jetzt bin ich froh Sdas den richtigen Schritt machte. Striedner Hans

    1 year ago | 27 December, 2019 9:47 am Reply

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