ONPASSIVE business opportunity

I would not be where I am today if I did not have the guts to decide that I want to be a part of the ONPASSIVE business. Just because I made the decision, I am proud of myself and feel confident about the future of myself, my family and even that of my future generations.

I am a graduate of the hard knocks of life. I have been hurt many times, I failed many times, I was scammed many times, I was lied to too many times. All of these came at a price of making wrong decisions very often. But what remains is that I will not stop or give up my decision of making power to a third party. That is why today I am able to blame myself, and nobody else. However, I am also pleased to be happy with some of the right decisions I made. My best decision so far is to be part of GoFounders and ONPASSIVE business opportunity.