Compensation Plan

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REASON # 3 – The Compensation Plan

Here are the most common compensation plans in the referral-based
marketing arena….

The Stairstep Breakaway Plan
The Unilevel Plan
The Binary Plan
The Hybrid Compensation Plan
2-Up/Top-Tier Plan
The Matrix Plan

There are many other compensation plans and there can be many
enhancements added to any plan including the most common plans
listed above.

As we know, Ash Mufareh has chosen the Matrix Plan for ONPASSIVE. To be more specific, ONPASSIVE will utilize a 3 x Infinity company-wide forced matrix structure. This is simply a single structure that continues to grow deep and wide to infinite levels and each participant will have his or her own matrix within the company-wide forced matrix. As discussed in REASON # 2 – The Business Model, the main objective of the GoFounders/ONPASSIVE business model is to generate traffic for each and every participant, thereby enabling all participants to establish a residual income stream via the ONPASSIVE platform. As mentioned above, there are many enhancements that can be added such as Sponsor Bonus, Level Commissions, Matching Bonus, Forced Matrix Bonus, and others. 

The ONPASSIVE matrix plan will have none of these. Instead, it will provide a level playing field for all participants and everyone will earn equally regardless of their own efforts. Of course, those who take an active role in building a team will progress faster than those who are totally passive. This is the basic tenant in any business. The effort is rewarded.

Although the above-mentioned enhancements will not be seen in the ONPASSIVE matrix plan, there are 2 very significant enhancements that I have never experienced before and it is very important to gain a thorough understanding of both of them.

The first enhancement addresses the problem which creates attrition that occurs with most compensation plans. Attrition is the loss of team members who discontinue their participation due to the inability to pay their monthly subscription fee in order to remain an active participant. With most business models that provide a monthly residual income, the
participants must pay a monthly fee whether or not they are in profit.
That is not the case with ONPASSIVE. All that is required is a one-
time out of the pocket expense.
 Participants are not required to make any
monthly payments unless and until they are in profit. There are 2 excellent
resources that discuss the subject of monthly subscription payments.

1. On the GoFounders FAQ page, you will see question # 5 which provides
a video explanation.

2. The videos by Scott Nelson provides an excellent overview of the entire project. You can fast forward to the 7-minute mark to hear more about our
unique compensation plan including the automatic upgrade feature.

The second enhancement addresses the issue of commissions being passed
upline if any given participant is not participating at the level at which the commission is generated. This will not happen in the ONPASSIVE
matrix plan
. Instead, they will remain in pending (holding wallet) status
until such time as the participant is qualified to receive these funds.

Both of these very important enhancements are heretofore unheard of in
the referral-based marketing space.

There is one additional enhancement which I will discuss in a future post.
It is the addition of bonus positions which will be added to the company-
wide matrix structure as ONPASSIVE evolves. This feature, by itself, is another of my Ten Reasons For Joining GoFounders/ONPASSIVE.

To summarize this discussion, the ONPASSIVE matrix plan is the best and fairest compensation plan I have ever seen during my 23 years in the referral-based marketing arena.

In my next post, I will discuss REASON # 4 – The Products