My Top Ten Reasons for Joining GoFounders

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REASON # 7 – Timing

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic had such an adverse effect on our economy in general and on the livelihood of countless individuals, there were many reasons for folks to seek alternative methods of producing additional income streams.

Now, because of the pandemic, there about 30 million jobs were lost in April and May, and this number increases with each passing day. Now we have millions of folks who desperately need a primary source of income.

Fellow Founder David Otto discussed this in a recent post in our Community Forum. He said…

“Hello to all my Founder brothers and sisters. I can’t help thinking about how this pandemic has created so much damage to the world economy. I have a strong sense of feeling millions of people will be turning to the internet, searching for a solution to recover or create a financially stable income.

GoFounders-ONPASSIVE is the perfect solution; the only solution to help the world population get back on their feet. We are the most powerful business this world will ever see. We are going to dominate the internet marketing industry with ONPASSIVE. We have the power, and we just keep getting stronger every day! I have watched this business grow, expand, and evolve.

We have everything needed to provide success to anyone. In other words, it’s impossible to fail. The smartest thing I ever did on the internet was to join this giant. We have some things to do before we launch. IN IT TO WIN IT!”


I totally agree with David. The timing could not be better, and Ash and his team will soon be implementing the much-anticipated marketing campaigns which are designed to introduce our project to millions of folks who are seeking the Total Internet Solution (TIS) and Smart Business Solution (SBS) that only we can provide.

“The secret of success in life is for a person to be ready for their opportunity when it comes.” — Benjamin Disraeli

As they say – Timing is everything!

In my next post, I will discuss REASON # 8 – Re-Entry Bonus Positions

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