Customer engagement and Retention

Customer satisfaction is the key to business growth in today’s competitive marketplace. Brands need to acquire new customers and retain valuable customers to thrive in the market and outpace their competitors.

Recent studies show that two-thirds of an organization’s profit depends on how effective their customer engagement is. As such, it’s high time for business leaders to devise customer-centric strategies to keep their customers hooked.

Providing efficient customer service is also imperative for businesses to maintain profitability. In this article, our customer intelligence analysts explain how to keep your customers hooked throughout the sales cycle.

What does customer engagement mean?

Customer engagement is defined as the relationship businesses have with their customers. Substantial customer experience helps customers to enhance customer engagement and drive conversions. Consequently, brands must strive hard to increase customer engagement to foster business growth.

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This can be done by personalizing marketing strategies for your customers. A highly engaged customer is expected to spend more on your products and services. So, you must strive hard to keep your customers happy to ensure business continuity and achieve tangible business outcomes.

Top Ways to Increase Customer Engagement

#1: Sending triggered messages

Recent studies showed that real-time triggered emails and messages got more responses compared to bulk emails. To successfully run a business, you’ll need to update your customers about product launches, changes in operation times, and much more.

By gathering valuable insights into your customers and keeping pace with their needs and demands, you can personalize your marketing strategies. This will eventually help you increase business outcomes and profit margins.

Triggered messages have become a means of enhancing customer engagement in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace. Triggered messages have a higher click-through rate compared to non-triggered messages.

So, it’s time for you to stop sending bulk emails to your customers. Start sending triggered messages and emails to increase marketing ROI.

#2: Focusing on customer service

Today, customers expect instant replies to all their queries. A satisfied customer is expected to share positive experiences with their friends and families. This eventually increases sales and profits for an organization.

Various support systems like chatbots can help businesses to stay connected to their customers throughout the day. Chatbots and other similar tools can help you reduce the workforce on the customer service team.

Also, you can consider sending surveys to customers who have recently interacted with your brand. By understanding your customers’ needs and requirements, you can revamp your business strategies to increase CX with your brand.

#3: Personalize customer interaction

Two out of five customers depend on a brand that offers personalized experiences. Personalization is everywhere in this digital world, from sending automated birthday emails to suggesting products based on past buying behavior.

However, marketers can personalize initiatives for their customers when they know their needs and demands. This is where leveraging customer intelligence comes into play. By leveraging various tools, businesses can understand how their customers interact with their brands across multiple touchpoints.

This eventually can help companies to personalize the customer experience and marketing efforts. As a marketer, you must consider personalizing customer interaction across all the touchpoints.

#4: Providing user incentives

Providing user incentive is said to be a great way to enhance the customer experience with a brand. Leading online and retail brands consider providing customers offers or points for every purchase. This increases customer retention and experience. While setting user incentives, consider the performance and profits of your brand. Or else, user incentives will end up in huge losses for a brand.

It’s not imperative to consider all the customers for the user incentive program. With market segmentation, you can categorize your target audiences into different segments and personalize user incentive programs for them.

#5: Devising customer loyalty program

With customer loyalty programs, you can turn your valuable customers into brand advocates for your business. As retaining customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new customers, customer loyalty programs can help you drive customer retention. Provide frequent customers with discount codes or some special offers. Present small rewards as a base offering and increase the value of rewards as customers move up the loyalty ladder.

With loyalty programs, you can:

  • Enhance customer retention
  • Get more customer referrals
  • Retain valuable customers and acquire new customers
  • Reduce customer churn and attrition rate


You need to revamp your traditional marketing initiatives and focus on customer-centric strategies. By sending triggered emails, devising customer loyalty programs, providing user incentives, and concentrate on customer support, you can enhance CX and reduce customer churn.