AI in Email Marketing

You’ve probably known artificial intelligence from sci-fi movies that portray robots helping in reshaping the whole world. So far, it is just fiction and even if this is true it is still far away from immediate future, but with the rapid advancement of AI tech, it wouldn’t be surprising if such fictions are actually coming into the picture. There are developing trends with technology across various businesses as it’s utilized to improve different processes. 

In the scope of digital marketing, artificial intelligence plays a significant role, especially when it comes to email marketing. Sending emails to reach out to clients have been an integral part of marketing. This is one of the effective direct approach and cost-effective technology. 

With the help of AI, email marketing is more powerful than ever, let us see how artificial intelligence is helping in successful email marketing:

Easy Automation

Artificial intelligence fuelled methods make it easier to set up automated campaigns that are driven by client information and depend on what stage somebody is at in the client journey. The technology utilizes past purchases, perusing practices and interests to set up automated campaigns that are intended to support your leads. It can likewise enable you to figure out what sort of content and pictures that will be best in drafting your welcome emails, order updates and maintenance emails for more effective email marketing.

Optimizing Subject Lines

Choosing the right subject lines for your email is very important because that is the first thing they see. A great catchy subject line will stand out in your customer’s inbox driving them to click on your email to read it. Most of the email goes unread, but with the help of AI in email marketing, you can come up with different lines that will help in effective email marketing. AI makes use of algorithms to curate subject lines that will bring a higher click-through rate. It analyses the outcomes of each and every marketing campaign to optimize and improve your subject lines.

Predicting Optimal Timings

Finding out when to email your customers and how often you reach out to them is half art and half science. Usually, marketers rely on testing and experimentation, data analysis, and their own practices and intuition to figure out these timings. But now AI in email marketing can do all the guesswork and that too more effectively than marketers. It will help in choosing the best timing and frequency of your emails so that your readers would be ready to read it based on the previous recurring practices of your users. AI in email marketing is helping a lot of marketers to reach their customers. Eventually, AI will become the main source of lead generation in email marketing. Using AI will improve the effectiveness of your email marketing.