Ingredients of Marketing

Business marketing plays a crucial role in enhancing sales. Various marketing activities are intended to gain user attention. Of course, marketing analytics helps determine how things are working. The results generated need to be seriously considered to assess what changes could be brought in the existing systems. 

What plays the key role in including all the aspects mentioned above is nothing but the marketing plan. The marketing plan must be simple and effective, including all the essential aspects of marketing focused on a purpose. Consequently, sales generate automatically as people build trust and confidence through the purpose-oriented approach. 

Ingredients of marketing plan

l Gather the required information before going ahead to prepare a plan. Straightaway preparing a plan could lead to wastage of time and effort due to a lack of clarity about a subject. So planning is the stage followed by the requirements gathering and analysis phase. Post executing this, a marketing plan can take shape. 

l Gain an initial idea about the business product and services, including those released earlier and in the pipeline. 

l Knowing the employees is significant. Study about their skill set, talent, and creativity to help plan who can work on whom. This could motivate employees to project more of their talent into the work allotted. 

l Understand the market, study the competitors’ edge, know about various distribution channels, the existing market trends concerning the business products, and the demographics for a perfect marketing plan.

l Suggestions of the salespeople and the customer relationship managers have to be valued and included in the marketing plan as their interaction with the customers is high.

l Consider the best thinkers of the organization. Create enough space for them to open up with their ideas and opinions about implementing any specific tasks.

l A marketing plan takes good shape by defining a proper marketing objective. One needs to write down the objectives planned for the next coming years, say five years, and frame the execution workflow for achieving those. For instance, the objective could be to stand in the top 50 companies within a nation.

l Financial activities determine how the organization is growing. So, financial analysts are required to assess the growth and retardation of any organization.

l Nothing to worry, if you are new to the marketing plan. The study of past sales, upcoming customers, feedback can help make an effective marketing plan. Initially, set some modest goals considering these factors. Later go about with the bigger ones.

l Set objectives that are achievable and less in number. One should be motivated to achieve them in the targeted period. In case more objectives have been set, it could often lead to discouragement.

l Planning mainly deals with what and why. However, the implementation deals with how, when, who, and how. Gathering the required information based on these questions can help develop the points required to create a marketing plan. 

ONPASSIVE’s marketing 

Marketing with AI technologies is indeed fetching for any business. Customer interaction and the relationship is engaging with Artificial Intelligent tools. Especially, the AI chatbots have proved advantageous for any business to improve sales and establish long-term relationships with the customers. 

AI products of ONPASSIVE are the outcome of the effective marketing plan implementation. O-Desk ( erstwhile O-Lead ) is an effective AI CRM product that can enable intelligent conversations with customers, while the tool uses sentiment analysis to understand customers better.

ONET is the social networking platform of ONPASSIVE that helps connect family and friends. Additionally, the tools serve organizations to perform marketing using the platform, and wherein one can showcase the business products and services across an extensive range of audiences.


Incorporating the required ingredients of the marketing plan can fulfill any businesses’ aims and aspirations. Having set up a plan, the next important thing that follows is execution. ONPASSIVE has handful of well built AI products to perform enhanced marketing experience.