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SEO has been playing a very vital role in determining the rank of any website, and Google’s algorithm for search results keeps changing. At the same time, Google announces the latest updates and suggests hints to help businesses bring about more quality work online.

Google’s algorithm determines the rank of any website. At the same time, trends keep building with creative talent. Studying and gaining knowledge about the trends can create significant changes in the existing practices to enhance and mould according to the latest trends. 

In that respect, let us go-ahead to study some of the latest SEO trends that will create a significant influence on the website’s ranking:

SEO trends 2021

Google is enhancing itself day after day. Below stated could be some of the key reasons why most web pages cannot generate organic search traffic.

The search pages do not meet the search intent

Lack of backlinks in the web pages

Most search topics do not match with the user-typed keywords. 

Try to overcome these factors by introducing backlinks and generating content about the topics having higher chances to drive user traffic.

1. Zero click results: Google is active in displaying zero-click results. Thus, the user will not have to click any other results on the search page as the most relevant, and the short answer is shown at the top of the search result. Google is trying to give the best experience to the users in terms of search results. So, showing up more of such search results is increasing. 

For example, say: The user has typed the keyword as ‘Hyderabad time,’ then instant results show up in the top without clicking any other links.

Similarly, instant results turn up for the user typed keyword. For instance, you would like to know how many days make a year, and Google shows up the result on the top. Likewise, whether it is to know information about a famous personality, Google provides the knowledge panel about the personality.

How to be a part of the zero-click search results? Firstly, one needs to understand the user’s search keywords to give the exact results. Also, try to be part of ‘People also ask’ by targeting the keywords mentioned in the section. Implement the required steps to be a part of the instant search results and knowledge graph panel too.

2. Meta Description: Google considers meta descriptions of a maximum word length of 150 characters, and Google determines the content quality through meta descriptions.

3. Quality content: The best way to create a competitive edge over others is through quality content. The concept of E-A-T has to be better understood to come up with quality content.

  • Expertise: The writer has to be creative and be an expert in the domain of the write-up.
  • Authority: The writer has to be authoritative enough to provide practical knowledge about the subject and is ready to provide advice in the field of expertise.
  • Trustworthiness: One needs to question whether the content generated by the user is reliable considering no bias. 

Google checks the author’s expertise, authoritativeness to present the content with good quality, user responses, and content trustworthiness. 

So the best way to satisfy the above criteria is to generate quality content, including images and graphics wherever possible, and notably, build some attention-grabbing titles. 

4. Voice-based search: 

Voice search is creating a wave in the current world. Firstly, determine the keywords and the key phrases. Later, try to optimize them for local SEO and featured snippets.

Conclusion :

The significant points discussed above define the latest trends in SEO implementation, and results derived from them are genuinely fetching for businesses. 

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