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Latest technology and internet of things (IoT) have changed today’s world and has contributed to the sudden growth of business data that we see recently. This technology is set to bring about a huge change to business practice over the next few decades.

Businesses are facing challenges in their data management in every vertical. Due to the tremendous growth and advanced data technologies, data management has become a compelling business differentiator.

Key highlights:

  • Latest technologies and IoT have changed the world towards the growth of a business. It helps to handle and manage essential business data.
  • Data management is one of the most influential business differentiators due to the tremendous growth in data technologies.
  • The latest data management trends allow you to achieve better results.  

Below are the latest big data management trends in the year 2020

Chief data officers become the center of attraction:

The designations of data scientists and chief data officers (CDOs) are new and added recently. The work for these positions currently will be pretty high. Because data is growing continuously and the requirement for data experts have been increased.

 CDOs have the c-level authority who works on data availability, integrity, and security in a company. As business owners understand the importance of this job, they have started hiring CDOs. These experts are set to play a crucial role in every business as awareness increases.

Continuous Intelligence:

Continuous Intelligence is a framework which integrates real-time analytics with business operations. It helps to measure the recorded and existing data, which provides decision making automation and decision-making support. It works with technologies like optimization, business rule management, augmented analytics, and machine learning. It suggests the activities which are dependent on both historical and real-time data.

Big Data Management

Focus on Machine Learning continuous:

Coming to the latest big data trends in 2020, machine learning (ML) is one of the most significant developments that can fundamentally affect technology’s future. ML changes rapidly, and thus, the importance of ML remains the same, which can be useful to expand regular activities and business processes.

ML projects have received a lot of attention in 2019 and stood first from all AI systems. ML tools are used in making pieces of knowledge where you find it difficult to separate by different methods even by experts too. This latest trend helps you in providing faster results and improves both general productivity and response times.

In-Memory computing:

This latest trend helps many business clients like banks, retailers, and utilities in identifying and breaking the vast data without any issue. In-Memory computing is cost-effective, and thus it has more importance in growing enthusiasm for computing innovation.

You can also use this innovation to perform complex data analyses in real-time. It allows you to handle massive data with a lot more agility. In-memory computing became popular due to the decrease in the expense of memory.

IoT and Big Data:

Numerous advancements are expected to change current business situations in 2020. IoT and digital gadgets fulfil the gap in developing big data trends in 2020.

IoT has been implemented in the healthcare industry today. The innovations being implemented with big data to drive better results for many companies and predicted that more than 42% of companies had implemented IoT in their systems. This progress is expected to use digitized portables over the next three years.

Digital Transformation:

Digital transformation occurs with these latest technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), AI, ML and big data. Many devices are about to arrive with IoT technology, and it’s easy to know where the big data originates from. Digital transformation using IoT, Machine learning, and AI is implemented with big data and is set to push companies to be inconceivable in humankind’s history.


In case you take time to implement these technologies, you will find it harder to handle bulk data. You need to secure your data along with collecting and organizing. Your business may face problems if you lack in data security. You may lose business and trust of your clients if your data gets hacked into. So, you need to secure your data as a high priority. There are many benefits by implementing all these trends into your systems. It is time that you secured your data and started implementing these trends to drive success.