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Software tools act as one-stop solutions for businesses to handle and manage various tasks and projects more efficiently. While few simple tasks require nothing more than a schedule and checklists, few complex tasks require proper planning, setting deadlines, assigning tasks, and managers should make sure that everyone sticks to them while tracking the time spent.

The need to quantify, objectify, segregate and delegate tasks proportionately and adequately is one of the topmost priorities of businesses, and that’s where the use of modern software tools comes in handy for companies.

 There are many software tools out there in the market that assist organizations in handling these tasks. However, it can be hard to identify what essential and more beneficial tools are according to your requirements.

The Next Gen Software Tools That Enhance Business Productivity

The following are few latest software tools that help businesses streamline various business processes:

O-Desk ( erstwhile O-Lead ) The Next-Gen CRM Application 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is one of the crucial tools that businesses require to stay updated with the customer’s needs and constantly evolving requirements. The rapid progress of the IT sector has significantly enhanced the need for these companies to adopt CRM software. 

ONPASSIVE’s O-Desk is a tool designed for Customer relationship management. It is a unified platform that enables businesses to increase their brand visibility and establish a strong brand image in the market. 

O-Desk is an intelligent tool powered by AI and provides crucial insights into customer behaviour. In addition, O-Desk also helps businesses connect with market trends and align their marketing strategies with these trends to have successful campaigns.

O-Staff An AI-Powered HRMS Tool

An HRMS software is essential for businesses these days to streamline various HR functions in your organization. An HRMS tool plays a crucial role in improving the efficiency and productivity of the business by automating various repetitive tasks. 

HR professionals use HRMS software to manage the modern workforce and internal HR functions. O-Staff, for instance, is an AI-powered HRMS software that helps automate the recruitment and administrative process of a business. 

O-Staff is a modern HRMS suite that helps simplifies day-to-day HR processes and provides better insights for companies, enabling them to build a better working environment. It is an excellent tool to enhance your Human resource management.

O-Post A Web-Based Email Marketing Software 

Email marketing is one of the most common and effective marketing methods most businesses use for lead generation and increasing conversion rates. Using email marketing software solutions will allow businesses to plan and execute email marketing campaigns carefully. 

P-Post is one such tool that allows business organizations to send bulk emails in single steps, thereby simplifying the whole campaign. It is a highly secure software and comes with various in-built features, and it helps you customize and manage every aspect of your email marketing.

O-Chat An AI-Based Chatbot 

Chatbot applications or tools provide assistance in streamlining the interactions between people and customer service of business and plays a crucial role in enhancing the customer support and customer experience.

Companies can also have improved operational efficiency and customer engagement with the best chatbot tools. O-Chat is an AI-based chatbot and is developed to address customers needs and have honest conversations with customers without human intervention. 

O-Chat provides a new level of chatbot assistance, thereby enhancing your customer service and comes with a unique feature of self-learning algorithms that identify customers intent of conversation and resolves issues.

O-Create A Feature Loaded Website Builder 

A website builder refers to a platform that allows businesses to put together a website quickly and efficiently in order to establish an online presence. These tools make your website maintenance simpler and allow you to construct your website without the requirement of manual coding.

O-Create is one such software and comes with AI-enabled features that allow businesses to customize their website and optimize it according to the SEO guidelines, thereby enhancing the online presence of a business with properly optimized content.

There are various software tools available in the market that serve different purposes. There are many software tools available for all the business requirements and ensures to help organizations get the tasks done in a hassle-free manner. 

The tools mentioned above are few next-generation tools powered by Artificial Intelligence and provide assistance for businesses to handle their daily tasks more efficiently.


For any business organization, Work planning is essential, especially with remote work. Therefore, businesses need to consider getting the latest software tools available in the market to increase efficiency, streamline business processes, and maximize productivity.