Chatting Experience

Features inclusion is relatively standard for any application, and when it comes to Whatsapp, the leader of digital messaging, numerous features may emerge continually. The Facebook-owned messaging appWhatsApp, has been working on launching the latest features. From multi-device support, advanced search, web search, permanent mute option, and many more, these unique features are everything that the users have been waiting for.

Recently, the messaging app was reported to test a lot of features. They also released messenger rooms for iPhone users and newly animated stickers for both iOS and Andriod users. The organization has continuously worked towards enhancing the user chatting experience, but these new features would be fun. Because how WhatsApp has become an integral part of our daily lives, after launching these features are going to be an asset that will undoubtedly improve users chatting experience

Latest Features

Here are a few features that the Facebook-owned messaging appWhatsApp, are working on to enhance our chatting experience.

#1 Multi-device Support

One of the essential features WhatsApp has been working on is multi-device support. Once released, this distinct feature will enable users to utilize the app on your device using one account actively. Are you Anxious about your chats? Well, the developers are working hard on syncing the chat history on multiple devices simultaneously. 

#2 Voice Messages can be Previewed

Arguably, this is the most anticipated feature, and with it, this Facebook-owned messaging app will enable users to play a voice message from the notification screen itself. As of now, this feature is still under development process and is a part of the initial test versions of WhatsApp on iPhones. WhatsApp is expected to release a stable version of this feature in the coming days and enhance our chatting experience.

#3 Permanent Mute Switch

It is true, and we’re all weary of the notifications that we receive. How often do we put a group on mute, only to release after a period it’s active again. You can be a member of the super-active group with this option but ensure they are muted forever!

#4 Up to 50 Members Video Chat

The Room Integration feature now enables you to add users to a video chat with the ability to add up to 50 people in a single video call. Now, that’s a great feature that empowers chatting experience.

#5 138 New Emojis

Whatsapp chats best part is the emojis that adds a personal touch to our chatting experienceWhatsApp has recently released 138 new emojis in the recent Android beta version of the app.

#6 Group Video Chat 

Yes, there is already a video chat feature in the group. It will be a group call consisting of up to 8 participants. Though the twist here is that soon users can pick the participants, they can choose the people who join the group. This feature makes the windows smaller on the screen, so WhatsApp incorporatedan improved quality that lets you tap on a video call window, and it will get larger over the video call.

#7 Search the Web

This Facebook-owned messaging app, WhatsApp’s new university, has circulated fake news and created undesired hatred around. Keeping the increase of fake news spread in mind, they will soon release the Search the Web feature. This feature is already available in the US, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Italy, and the UK.

Talking about the commencement the business wrote on their blog, “WhatsApp presents a unique forwarded label to messages shared in chats that have been forwarded numerous times. These two arrows allow people to know when they’ve received a message not written by close contact. Earlier this year, we set limits on how many times they can be sent at once to maintain WhatsApp’s private nature.”

#8 Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web

Currently, we have a dark mode on our phone application only. Shortly WhatsApp dark mode will be released on desktop and web version as well.

#9 QR Codes to Share Profile

This feature is released earlier in the beta version of the Facebook-owned messaging app, enabling you to share profiles using a QR code. With this feature, you can see a QR code option in the settings menu beside the profile. You can also share your QR code or scan other’s QR code to save the contact comfortably on your device.

Advanced Search Mode

Lately, WhatsApp feature trackers detected testing the Advance Search Mode. After release, the users can search for pictures, videos, documents, and more on the search bar.

Wrapping up

These were the latest features that you will receive in the new update of the WhatsApp app for all the platforms. It is good to know that WhatsApp hasn’t dropped the KaiOS yet, still rolling out updates and improving its chatting experience.