Choose Right Crowdfunding Platform

As the whole world is still facing the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people are volunteering to support those in need. Several Crowdfunding Campaigns have been launched in the past two years to serve food, medical care tools and shelters for migrants and homeless people. If you are passionate to be a part of any such cause and start a Crowdfunding Campaign but have no idea how to get started, then keep reading!

This blog will be useful for both those who are already operating their business and those who want to start afresh. Not just that, even online agencies can also take insights from this blog to get started with a Crowdfunding Campaign for Covid-19 assistance.

After all, what really matters is reaching out to the needy and help them get through the sufferings of the current situation. A Crowdfunding Campaign will help you do the same with the right impact.  

Following are a few guidelines to get started with your Crowdfunding campaign for Covid-19:

1. Communicate your story

If you want to bring change through your Crowdfunding project, then your idea should appeal to potential funders. Share why are you passionate about the cause, what is your idea, how are you going to implement it, what is your expected budget etc. This represents your preparedness and assigns legitimacy and credibility to your project.

You can also consider sharing your story through a compelling video that makes it more appealing. Explain clearly exactly how your project is going to help minimize the intensity of the current situation.

2. Reward your pledgers

People will support your project if they believe in the intent behind it. However, rewarding your pledgers is always a good idea. Rewards or perks that you offer to your donators will encourage them to support your cause. This act of rewarding is a gesture of goodwill towards the donators. Many Crowdfunding platforms come with a feature that helps you set rewards for the pledgers.

While you can offer great rewards, ensure its timely delivery by being realistic.

3. Promote your campaign for Covid-19

It is crucial to promote your campaign and let people know about the work you will be doing. Promoting your campaign means inviting people to donate to your cause.

Following are the different ways to promote your campaign for Covid-19:

  • Make effective use of social media to educate people about your project.
  • Reach out to media and influencers to promote your campaign.
  • Consider hosting a live event to build up interest and engagement.

4. Share regular updates with your backers

It is essential to keep updating your backers as your project progresses. Be transparent and share the exact details to gain their trust; otherwise, they might lose interest. Some built-in tools enable you to send messages and update your project backers. Use them and keep your backers engaged with the project.

5. Fulfill your promise

The success of a Crowdfunding campaign does not depend upon your fulfilled funding goals alone. You must ensure that you have fulfilled the promises that you made to your backers and supporters. If your backers are happy with your project, they will share your campaign with their peers and friends. It ultimately expands the reach of your campaign.


The coronavirus pandemic has posed several challenges before us. The vulnerable section of society, however, is suffering its burnt to a great extent. If you want to step forward and help people who are suffering, then launching a meaningful Crowdfunding campaign is important. However, choose the right Crowdfunding platform to make your campaign successful.

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