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In this article, we will be looking into the various ways you can build a strong team with the help of powerful leadership workshop ideas. Let us look into the various ways, which helps you to reach all of your goals.

1. Explore Your Goals

Explore your goals is a group exercise for thinking about the goals that are most vital to your organization and its success. These goals will also form the basis of exactly what your company will help to accomplish over the next 6 months or even one year. The main is to provide clarity on most important to your business and to get everyone on the same page. These will ensure an overall organizational strategy that people can engage with every day to guide their work, by simply giving your leaders an hour to fill out the framework with the specific, assignable, realistic, with time-related goals to make the most sense for the team.

2. Leadership Value Chain

This is a simple but great, effective game that allows you to encourage self-confidence and sharing among your leadership team. It works by also encouraging people can see that employees can also stand out from the crowd. The goal is in helping your leaders, which is to know. It will also help you determine which leaders have the potential to become great, while also helping you personalize future leadership tasks and roles.

3. The Survival Game

This team-based game encourages your leadership team to create solid strategies for group success. The idea is to give them opportunities to practice their critical thinking, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills in a fun and interesting way. It will get your leaders working together toward a common goal and help demonstrate the various strengths of each team member while also building camaraderie.

To play the game, divide your leaders into teams of four people and present a life-threatening situation. you ensure that your leaders clearly lay out who is involved in what element of survival and how they’ll contribute. You also ensure that they think through their decisions, removing ambiguity, and ensuring the hard decisions are made without endless discussions.

4. Product/Service Battle

Another idea for an activity is to test your leadership team’s knowledge of your products and services. This is a great way to ensure your leadership gets to know what you offer compared to your competitors and knows how to sell your product/services, even if they are not part of the sales team.

You need to compare strengths and weaknesses and come up with an honest assessment. You must also have ideas to improve your products and services, which can also help your leadership team get a better understanding, which can help you also stand out in the marketplace.

5. Avoiding The Minefield

A strong leadership team is one that simply trusts one other, and that’s what the minefield activity is all about. The goal is to teach your leadership team to rely on each other with verbal guidance to safely avoid touching mines as they make it to the finish line. Your game will improve communication skills, which can also be used in promoting cooperation and improve trust among your leadership team.


We hope you found this article informative in understanding how exactly leadership workshop ideas, can help you to build a strong team. You can also help to create leadership among your team members, unlike any others, and can make people step up in a time of need.

Good luck. Thanks for reading!