Embed Video In Email Marketing

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Now that you have understood the benefits of utilizing video in email marketing, let us take a closer look into the exact process of embedding. Let us take a quick recap into the basic definition and understanding video email marketing campaigns better.

The benefits of using video in your marketing campaigns are:

  1. Gets across easily
  2. Saves a lot of time
  3. Great as a tool for penetration of marketing
  4. Improving the overall SEO

Now let us take a quick look into the basic steps of understanding and planning your campaign. The major steps involved are:

  • Planning your email marketing campaign from scratch.
  • Doing your research and figuring out your competitors.
  • Identifying your ideal target audience
  • Getting an overview of your marketing budget
  • Preparing a to-do list, step by step.

Here are a few simple steps to embed videos successfully in your email marketing campaigns:

1. Embedding videos with Mailchimp:

Mailchimp is one of the best services to embed videos within your email marketing campaign. You can use the video merge tag on the Mailchimp service provider, to create screenshots in your campaign.

2. Using BombBomb service:

This is also a great service to help you with your video email marketing campaigns. This service is great for sending and hosting emails for you. This helps you focus on more important aspects without any difficulties and headaches.

3. Utilizing TailoredMail:

This is another great service for uploading, encoding and embedding videos into your campaigns. This helps to track individual subscribers and their viewing behaviour. Some of these metrics are the number of views on a video, how much of the video was viewed, their sharing behaviour and the device/platform they are using.

4. HTML5:

This is the most popular language for embedding videos into emails and has significant benefits to provide a rich media experience to all its viewers. Some of the better features include advanced functionality and improved video playing feature within web pages.

5. Constant Contact, AWeber & Infusionsoft

These type of features are great as they use an image of a video, which links to an image of a hosted video. This gives the appearance of a video within an email and avoids issues of an email receiver stripping out the video code.

6. Animated GIF & PNG:

These types of media are great for getting higher clicks, compared to static images. These are great for adding more value to your video along with a message. It also supports messages along with a subject line and text in the email. They also do not require any coding language to implement.

Thus, video in email marketing is a powerful tool that can be used to boost your marketing campaigns. In the near future, you can utilize ONPASSIVE’s AI integrated video in email marketing tool, which can help you out further with your campaigns. You can ensure that all of your marketing campaigns are a huge success by implementing this tool in your arsenal. So keep an eye out for us.

In conclusion, these are some great tips that you can implement while learning to easily embed video in email marketing. We wish you the best of luck in the future for all your marketing campaigns. Good luck!