ait belaid Hassan

There are no random meetings in our lives that every person we touch, who touches us, is put in our way for a reason. The shortest encounter can open a door, heal a wound, or close a cycle that started long before you were born is Love, trust, and exchange of experience. If you are in the field of professionalism, you must be open to all relationships, whether people work with you in your project or not.

Good relations will continue within your journey. You will discover that time will appear to you, contrary to what you intend in your mind. Be positive and open. Within the large family of ONPASSIVE, we are all one team across the world, and there is no difference between us. We have common goals. Communication through positive sites is necessary to exchange ideas and experiences.

In aid between the founders and interaction with all, this will help us excel and spread rapidly across the world. Whenever you see a topic related to the company or the founders- share your comments. Let us go to a better and fast future that has been very strong. No one can stop us, and we are the best.