GoFounders Community

As time goes on and GoFounders continues to grow, it’s always best to keep the ones that have gone at heart. They’ve helped us grow and helped us stay so positive through it all. Even since this Coronavirus is present now, we still can’t forget those that still push through it and give us memories to love and effort that we’ll forever be grateful for.

Like for example, the greatest and one of the best leaders we could’ve ever asked for, Mr Scott Nelson. His efforts pushed us to greater heights as well as the leadership council and every other leader in this company. ONPASSIVE and GoFounders couldn’t have asked for better leaders and would definitely keep every leader in our hearts and continue to move forward, no matter how hard it may get. 

These are some of the videos that stood out and helped people understand more of what everyone would be getting into and show what should be appreciated since people’s lives would be changed for the greater good and to finally LIVE and not just survive. 

“Dreams without goals remain DREAMS.” -Denzel Washington We are in it to win it team, let’s live it and achieve our ultimate goal.

Source: GoFounders Community