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Forty-eight years ago, I embarked in a new venture that would change my life forever. In those days we did not have thousands of choices like we have today. I had my own business and a customer of mine introduced me to Amway.  It was a new concept to me but I was young and ambitious. We raised in rank quickly and we earned very good money. We were faithful to that company for nineteen years. Meetings?  Yes… Five and six nights a week!  That was in order to grow in the beginning. But by the end it was just to replace the people we lost. Yes attrition was awful and every time you called someone the first thing they would say was, “Is it Amway?”

I knew I was spending way too much energy for the results I was getting but the MLM industry was now firmly implanted in me.  I knew that I could make some other company work. I am not going to bore you with all the ventures I did along the way.  I just wanted to show a little of my history so that you know that I have seen many compensation plans along the way.

Then came the days of the internet. You know… the magic tool that would make you rich overnight?  Thank God no more meetings!  You could hide behind a screen and the money would just pore in. Many still have that mentality.  Well, how is it working for you? It didn’t take me long to figure out that without a list, the tools to get that list, and a way to reach them effectively, my success would be pretty limited. Once I accomplished that, we were able to go full time for the last fifteen years. So I am very thankful for our faithful followers and friends in this wonderful industry.

Every day most of us are bombarded by the next best thing in the industry. We all know the disappointment that most of those are.  People are becoming very sceptical and for some good reasons. Something had to change and I knew it. Fortunately someone else knew it also and was willing to do something about it.

Here comes July 10th 2018 a friend and partner in the industry, Ken Russo, sent me an invitation for a new business. Honestly, I was not in the market for anything else I was fed up with it all. To make things worse this business did not even exist yet and had no name.  All I had was two videos from the owner, Ash Mufareh. But curiosity got the better of me and I listened. Here is what I found. Someone that knew the system was broken and had a desire to help change this. But most importantly, I could feel the passion in Ash’s voice and he gained my confidence.  The very same day I joined, I think Ken told me I was the second one to join under him. I envisioned thousands of people joining this wonderful venture and have begun to build a large team with the help of our faithful friends and followers. 

If you were to start to tell me about long-time, well established, companies I would say, “Great!  They did very well, but they have not yet seen what we will do”.  Remember at the beginning I talked about Amway? It is a pretty impressive company today.  Rich and Jay started humbly in their garage with only one product.  GoFounders / OnPassive is still a work in process, but over 42,000 Founders have already secured their positions. They are all “In It To Win It”.

You also can be on a winning team.  Just have a look at my link for a better evaluation of the business.

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