Live streaming events have become one of the most convenient ways of connecting with the mass. Know more about the top five live-streaming apps that provide a world-class communication experience.

The drastic growth of hybrid meetings and second screen technology has pervaded almost near every meeting, conference, and event. A proper lag-free, smooth, and user-friendly live event app is what a user wants for secure live streaming of any program. These video streaming platforms are the future of communication and slowly it’s becoming popular day by day. But there is a misconception that taking part in a live-event programme is not in everyone’s forte.

Here are the top 5 live event apps to rule the world of video conferencing easily like a pro-

Facebook Live

This is probably the most popular video streaming platform in the world so far. Facebook Live is the king of the live streaming apps available in the market and even in the world of the advertisements. Simple UI with lots of features like filters and instant replies can be done during the live chat.


Periscope is one of the pioneers in the world of video streaming platforms but for some unknown reason, it is being considered as a serious app for live streaming events. This is the perfect choice for them who want to organize an event with the help of a smartphone.


Did you know that Ustream was the winner of The Readers Choice Awards in 2016? This popular live event app allows interacting with other users during live programs. With more than 2 million live events getting streamed in a month, a user will get surprised with a plethora of post-event options offered by the authority.


Another renowned live streaming app is Livestream that allows users to host, watch, like, and share a particular event via a plethora of hardware and software tools. Nicknamed as Mevo, this unique technology enables people to organize an event with the help of pocket-sized smart devices along with personalized tracking and details of analytics.


Intaercall is known for its high-class security that ensures the communication will never leak by any chance! This is one of those live-streaming apps that focuses on the quality of video, audio, web-conferencing, and video conferencing along with a planner to schedule your live events.