Limitations of Artificial Intelligence Every Marketer Must Know

Artificial intelligence has proved that it can revolutionize anything it lays its hands on. It has helped marketers generate more success. Artificial intelligence provides ease of access and agility to data procedures unique to previous endeavours, which is why 96% of companies hope to see machine learning projects being implemented in their activities in the future.

As far as new innovations go, they come with their own limitations. It is important that you know all the limitations and in & out of AI before you implement it in your marketing strategies.

Here are some of the limitations of artificial intelligence you need to know:

#1 No Universal Solution

You currently have to depend on different solutions to perform several AI-powered marketing tasks. There are lots of intelligent marketing tools out there to choose – using AI to optimize and personalize your content, optimize paid campaigns and much more. However, with no universal solution, trying to use a variety of complex tools to carry out a range of artificially intelligent tasks can be more expensive at the moment and more time-consuming too. 

#2 Requires Human touch

No matter how advanced AI can be, it still needs someone to guide it to work the way it does. Humans are always important when it comes to marketing jobs, computers can’t change their minds and think like humans. They can’t make creative decisions and use their imaginations yet. When giving a creative and cultural reference, only humans can do it right, AI fails to deliver content in a more personalized way. Ultimately, humans are still staying on the top of the marketing world. 

#3 Costs and Maintenance

Like several new technologies, there can be a significant cost of purchase and constant need for maintenance and servicing. The AI software will also require frequent upgrades in order to alter with the constantly changing business environment and practices. This needs a lot of consideration of investment needs before your company start implementing an AI system. It can be more expensive for the moment because AI is just in its initial phase of adapting to the world.

#4 Lack of Strategic Approach in Video Marketing

With AI we have an absence of talent, the absence of the administration buy-in, and a culture that is only focussed on the points of interest and practicalities of AI. The result is usually AI activities that aren’t represented at a strategic level. When it comes to marketing category like YouTube marketing, AI has its limitations. The greatest challenge is to create the best content to help your customer or prospect in their journey. That’s something human can do and AI can’t.

Artificial intelligence has its own limitations and advantages; this is the case in all the technologies that are coming up every day. Being a potential company that is focussed on growing, one must know the limitations before they start implementing AI in their marketing, be it for generating leads, getting YouTube subscribers and other marketing activities.