LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you are reading this article, then you must be either interested in getting success in generating leads for your business or you are a technocrat who follows technological advancement and implementations.

Actually, this article is for both type of readers and it might help you understand how Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a big deal a few years back but has become such a common and must-have feature nowadays that marketing automation companies don’t even mention it while describing their products, tools or services.

Launched back in Jul’2014, LinkedIn Sales Navigator was just a tool designed to empower sales professionals to establish and grow a relationship with prospects and customers. Later in 2015, it introduced a feature to publish company and members news with Sales professionals. LinkedIn also integrated Sales Navigator with Microsoft Dynamic CRM so as to enhance productivity.

Although, LinkedIn doesn’t mention AI to explain Sales Navigator to its consumers, however, Microsoft Dynamic CRM integration itself is a machine intelligence introduced to automate and synchronize sales, marketing and technical support functionalities of an organization.

Let’s discuss a few of the features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator which have been designed especially to enhance lead generation.

  • Faster targeting of right profile and companies – Sales Navigator provides advanced search technology which helps an organization to identify the best matching leads as per sales criteria defined by the sales professional such as Company name, Company type, Industry, Job changes, Group membership, Location, Years of experience, Department, Number of followers, etc.
  • Lead Recommendations – Based on your search preferences, history, and profile interactions, Sales Navigator does the auto-search for you and recommends the best matching profiles accordingly.
  • CRM & Sales Navigator Combined – Integrated CRM combines lead search results with Sales Navigator’s own data to suggest relevant leads that can be imported using View in Salesforce button existing within Sales Navigator.
  • LinkedIn InMail – Introduced in Nov’16, this tool allows a consumer to engage with targeted contacts, even when not connected. This tool allows creating personalized messages and documents to be delivered to the desired profiles easily.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps to find and build relationships with prospects and customers through the most advanced search, target and connect automation technology which is usually right in front of the user but remains hidden, yet very intuitively designed for easy functionality.  It is 80% more productive and creates 45% more opportunities.

Pro Tip: In case Sales professionals want to learn more and get most out of Sales Navigator, they can use recently introduced Sales Navigator Coach which contains self-explanatory and guided video contents for better learning

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