weapon of the Future

Good morning Founder friends and ONPASSIVE community. I just spent 20 minutes writing a post only to make a mistake, hit the wrong key and delete everything written.

Bummer … but that’s the way it is in life one minute we are just about done then …. a fraction of a second later we have to change gears and start over because of a mistake.

But the way I see it is – Mistakes are the Proof in the pudding we are trying. So we never give up. It is not wanting to win that makes you a winner; it is refusing to fail.

Today May 26th I am encouraged by 321 New Founders that have grown ONPASSIVE to 84,424 in 24 hours who are refusing to fail. This brings us to 15,576 New Founders in our near future that are going to take us to our new milestone of 100,000 Founders strong. We are currently 5,576 Founders away from 90,000 and nothing is going to stop ONPASSIVE from being heard around this world as Love is our weapon of the Future for this world-renowned company of ONPASSIVE.