LOVE knows NO division

NO division

Too much division in our world and societies, we and they are the wrong egotistic mindset… So when we try to have honest dialogue and an honest conversation to enhance anything whether it’s political etc. to come up with solutions, the divisiveness, unfortunately, comes into play in these conversations and perpetuates the division even more because of debates of different opinions and beliefs etc…

We have lost ourselves in this egotistic mindset… We need to come to the realization that we are ALL connected and share unique individual gifts that enhances us all as a whole… We need to learn to love ourselves unconditionally without EGO present… We need to start loving each other and it all starts with being the example of this connective love whether we are gay, bisexual, black, white, purple, fat, skinny, etc etc…

When we accept the fact that we are all in this together as humanity, we can then sit at any table and speak of solutions that will enhance society at large where absolutely every human being can benefit without divisiveness coming into play. This mindset of division comes from a fear-based mentality, LOVE knows NO division. 

Source: GoFounders Community

Tony Monk

onpassive founder

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