You don’t need to be a Genius in ONPASSIVE LAND before you can be successful. Don’t get the idea that you have to be some high -tech computer whiz with a Ph.D. from Stanford or Harvard to be successful in the Digital Age with ONPASSIVE AI. 90% of all fortunes are still made in ordinary businesses selling familiar products and services in local markets to regular customers. All you need is an idea that is 10% new to start a fortune. All you need is a new piece of knowledge, a new idea, unique insight, and the willingness and ability to apply it in the market place and you can become a big success in our economic system both online and offline.

ONPASSIVE management under the leadership of Mr. Ash Mufareh are fully prepared. In this case, ONPASSIVE funding members need more preparation because LUCKY is what happens when preparation meets opportunities. It is amazing how many people are sitting around waiting for a lucky break, but people do not just have lucky breaks. They make their own lucky breaks, and they create their lucky breaks by preparing months and years to become increasingly knowledgeable about ONPASSIVE (AI) and grow their team before the Giant ONPASSIVE.COM launch