AI in education

Ephemeralization was a term coined by R. Buckminster Fuller, which means the ability of technological advancement to do more and more with less and less until eventually, you can do everything with nothing. What does this have to do with Artificial intelligence and education? If you read the quote right, then maybe now you can connect the dots how AI as technology advanced.

Buckminster Fuller was right; the more technology got advanced, the more it made our life easier. This is how artificial intelligence came into existence. Benefits of artificial intelligence are undeniable. Let us discuss some of AI’s roles in education and how it would look like in the future.

Automation of Tedious Administrative Activities

Teachers have a lot of things to handle with only a little amount of time. For example, evaluating tests, homework, teaching plans can be difficult and tedious and time-consuming. This time could be utilized in more important things like better interaction with the students and giving more attention to those in need. This is where AI can take over; with the help of AI, teachers can automate homework and grading evaluations. AI programs can analyse student’s writing and evaluate the quality of an essay topic or any other topics efficiently.

Recognizing and Understanding Student Needs

A key way AI can impact education is being able to provide personalised teaching programs based on every student’s needs. The personalized teaching system is possible with the help of artificial intelligence. Each child can have a personal robot throughout their school system, to help as a personal assistant. The robot will have all the information taught to the child, acting as a personal tutor. A friendlier relationship will assure children have a better understanding of all that has been taught. Implementation of AI will surely skyrocket learning.

Adapting with a Changing World

AI helps students capture incidents around the world in real-time, so it is easy for students to experience what’s going around the world. Any changes that need to be incorporated into the syllabus can also be taken care of with the help of AI. The future of AI in education looks promising; this will help a lot of people get a better understanding of what’s happening around the world. With the ease of availability of constant updates to changes in the world, students can build their knowledge more effectively.

Artificial intelligence is showing promising results in every field. With the promising results on the education field, AI is all set to change the number of lives of children.