Make Intelligent Marketing Efforts with AI in Marketing Automation

The technological advancements of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making it one of the most trending technology and increasing the expectations of marketers for the technology. 
AI will rule the future as many industries are already applying this technology for various reasons and purposes. Marketers and retailers are now looking forward to taking advantage of AI in marketing automation. 
Artificial Intelligence provides marketers with the ability to understand each customer’s behaviour and individual interests while enabling them to have a more personalized approach. 
AI-powered marketing automation allows brands or marketers to send relevant and personalized messages to the correct recipient at the right time across multiple channels. 

AI-powered Marketing Automation- The Future of Marketing 

Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role in marketing automation. Marketers are now using Machine Learning to provide customer-centric content to attract more users and increase engagement. 
The introduction of speech recognition technologies such as Siri, Google Home or Amazon Echo is now enhancing the user experience. Such technologies are going to be advanced further in the coming future to better customer experience.
AI in marketing automation provides a hyper-personalized experience to the users with an added layer of geo-targeting to location-based marketing.

Few ways through which marketers use the power of AI in marketing automation are:

  • Creating and providing a personalized website experience 
  • Use of Chatbots for creating content 
  • AI-powered PPC advertising
  • Enabling push notifications 
  • Enhancing customer engagement 
  • Automated Image recognition 
  • AI-driven insights to determine customer’s behaviour pattern 

AI-powered marketing automation tools are now providing endless possibilities for marketers to embrace and utilize this technology for their marketing efforts.

Benefits of combining AI in Marketing Automation 

Managing all the marketing efforts manually can be challenging for many organizations and requires a lot of resources. Therefore, combining AI in marketing automation can help marketers cut down the risk and minimize the error-prone manual approach while increasing and speeding up the efficiency. 
The following are few significant benefits of integrating AI in marketing Automation:

Paying Close Attention To Details 

It is crucial to understand what attracts each customer to provide them with undivided attention. Artificial Intelligence pays close attention to crucial details while tracking and observing internal and external data on customer’s behavioural patterns to get real-time insights. 
Marketers can create a well-defined perceptive campaign based on these critical insights on customer behaviour patterns.

Creating Relevant Content 

Once you gain insights into customers’ interests, the next step is to determine what type of content will attract the audience to your website. The content can include blog posts, white papers, eBooks, webinars, podcasts and others. 
AI in marketing automation makes it easier for companies to identify high-performance keywords which can be included in the content that is shared. This type of smart content can be shared for a better customer response.

Targeted Lead Generation 

AI in marketing automation enables marketers to identify the leads with a potential for a higher conversion rate. Besides this, AI also provides touchpoints and recommendations to specific customers depending on their behavioural patterns. 
Artificial intelligence makes lead generation more targeted; it enables marketers for smoother lead nurture while improving overall lead quality.

Faster Response Time 

AI-powered marketing automation platforms can acknowledge queries instantly with hyper-personalized emails, thereby reducing the response time drastically. Artificial Intelligence will not let marketers miss an opportunity to interact with customers while providing insights and observations on customers needs, interests, behavioural patterns and preferences.

Effective Data Collection 

AI in marketing automation provides marketers with AI-powered marketing automation tools capable of collecting data from all possible sources. It also enables them to work with an extensive range of data, and the AI-based consumer insights will allow companies to deliver more beneficial and specific results.
Artificial Intelligence is a beneficial technology for all marketers, and When AI is combined with marketing automation, companies can dramatically improve their lead quality and generate a better ROI. 


Combining or Integrating AI in marketing automation allows organizations to take their marketing efforts beyond simple automation rules and allows marketers to scale communications with increased personalization.
Therefore companies need to integrate AI-powered marketing automation in their marketing campaigns to be prepared for future business opportunities and increase their ROI.