Empowering Day

“Ask yourself this empowering question, ‘What is most worthy of my attention right now?’” ~Jeanie Marshall 

You are always asking questions. Always. Make your questions empowering to yourself and others. 

I love this particular empowering question because it always puts me right into the present moment. In addition, the question focuses on the worthiness of my attention, and not urgency or expectations or demands. 

Here are three other favourite empowering questions I like to ask myself regularly:

  1. How happy do I want to be right now?
  2. Where is the focus of my attention?
  3. What is the miracle in this situation?

And here are three questions I often ask others:

  1. What is the greatest benefit in this situation?
  2. How happy do you want to be today?
  3. What is your greatest desire or dream for yourself?

The list is endless. The key is to ask a question that evokes an uplifting response.  Such a question can be life-changing. 

Take a moment and consider … what is the most empowering question you can ask yourself right now?

Make this an Empowering Day!