Manage Marketing Platforms

One of those most crucial business decisions in marketing is what type of marketing solutions your organization or enterprise must use. As the digital marketing landscape grows, diversifies, and becomes the business norm. It’s more critical than ever to have the appropriate marketing automation software to organize and execute marketing strategies to help your business succeed, including the right landing page software.

Since there are countless software options to pick from, various companies believe it’s most comfortable and most advantageous to use all-in-one software, instead of multiple dedicated marketing platforms for every discipline. But that isn’t always true.

What is an All-in-one Marketing Solution?

All-in-one marketing automation software typically offers a blend of online marketing functionalities like an integrated package. These tools usually include features such as:


● Social media marketing

● Marketing automation


● Email marketing

● Live Chat

● Mobile marketing

● A/B testing

● Analytics

● Content marketing/management

● Post-click landing page tool

● Ecommerce

It’s crucial to understand that the phrase “all-in-one” doesn’t imply all in one, because marketers don’t’ need this ability to be included in all-in-one marketing automation software. It only indicates that the software will cover most of a business’s marketing requirements with just one comprehensive tool.

When to use an All-in-one Marketing Platform?

All-in-one marketing platforms like Hatchbuck, Infusionsoft, Marketo, HubSpot, and SharpSpring can be great for administrators, start-up businesses, and small companies that manage all marketing necessities. Without a workforce to manage individual marketing platforms in various spaces, comprehensive tools such as these can provide added ease and convenience.

All-in-one marketing solutions are also perfect for businesses that want to save money in the short term or don’t have enough budgets to purchase several other software options to manage individually. It’s typically less expensive to employ an all-in-one marketing solutions with plugins than to purchase dedicated software for every space of your marketing strategy, though in the long run, this all-in-one method can become more expensive.

All-in-one internet marketing automation software is suitable for companies with a more general outlook against those focusing on one particular area. When a close and watchful detail to a particular department isn’t a top priority, all-in-one tools are perfectly fine.

For more prominent agencies, companies, and businesses that aim to be the best of the best, all-in-one marketing platforms are not the most suitable solution.

Why opt for dedicated software over all-in-one solutions?

Dedicated marketing platforms are sure to be a better option for large organizations and enterprises to purchase different software for each marketing discipline: Post-click landing pages, mail marketing, content management, CRM, A/B testing, analytics, etc.

Since these individualized marketing solutions specialize in a specific area, they don’t dilute themselves by attempting to cover all things in marketing, which is one of the principal disadvantages to using a single, all-in-one marketing automation software. 

By trying to do it all, an all-in-one marketing automation software often fall short by leaving marketers with only partial resolutions. For instance, the reporting and functionality in each aspect of an all-in-one marketing platform do not go into detail as much as with standalone marketing solutions.

Another downfall of all-in-one marketing platforms is that they fail to grow as your business evolves. They depend heavily on plugins, and when the focus product is updated, the plugins may not be. This indicates you are stuck into an older version of the software or forced to replace the plugins at a possibly high cost. There’s no point in opting software unless it’s able to support your company’s requirements long-term. Invest in marketing solutions that will do its job without running into compatibility issues later on.

Numerous large corporations and enterprises purchase dedicated software to develop robust marketing platforms that involve choosing and implementing a leading marketing automation solution to manage and execute various tasks or functionalities. This strategy concentrates on delivering the most extensive usability and functionality that professional vendors can only meet with industry utilization to every department. Having this level of expertise and specificity throughout your entire marketing strategy makes it even more powerful overall.

Final Thoughts

It’s crucial to note that dedicated marketing automation software often integrates with all-in-one marketing solutions; you’re not always forced to choose between these two. Choose your marketing platforms wisely, and you can get the best of both worlds. It is evident where the industry is headed currently. It is the time for a fairly-priced, standalone, and robust marketing tool to lead the Martech industry into a modern era!