It is obviously undeniable that every business needs a good, marketing strategy to grow and capture the customer base. Let’s say that you have just started a business that you think has a good potential to grow into something big. You will try to offer the best possible product or service so that you can build the reputation of the brand that you hope to give shape to.

But giving the perfect product or service will not suffice. You will need to ensure that you are able to reach out to a larger customer base so that your profits increase too. While word of mouth is a good way to drive sales it does not give as much returns as you would wish for. It becomes a waiting game. When you invest hard earned money or take loans, waiting is not exactly what you want to do and understandably so.

A stringent marketing strategy is required to ensure that your brand is reaching out to the right customer base at the right time. You need to plan the strategy to match with your product or service niche so that you are targeting the right crowd.

Let’s explore what would be a good marketing strategy that could reshape your brand

Online presence as the first step to your marketing strategy

When we say online presence every brand would say that they have a website. But having a website is not enough. You need to build on your brand awareness online. The answer to this is obviously the social media platforms.

Social media platforms now play an important role in every Business’ marketing strategies. This is one of the most effective ways that you can build awareness about a brand. It reaches out to a whole lot of people at a go. You can use banners, graphics and videos to have a more effective response from the people.

Having engaging content ensure that your brand is getting more visibility. You need to have a good plan on the kind of social media content that you wish to share with people. That is the identity that you would build with the online population, which by no means is small.

Having a very active and responsive online presence means that you are succeeding as a brand on the most popular marketing platform. Connect with your visitors with engaging content to pique their interests and get more visibility. Getting visibility helps not just to get more leads but also helps in creating the brand name you want.

Run the analytics well

Understand where you are in your market. There are various tools that help you get a clear idea about how your brand is performing in the market. Tools like IP tracker help you to understand where your brand is most active. More recent tools like OTRACKER by ONPASSIVE helps marketers get a clear idea about the user demographics. It enables marketers to run analytics and get accurate reports on user engagement and user location.

With details as such, can help a brand understand their market strength in specific areas and guide them to bolster their target maps. This can go a long way in improving the market standing and planning a Business marketing strategy that is comprehensive.

Offline marketing

Only online activity is not enough to build a brand. Though there are many brands that erupt online and stay there itself, offline presence strengthens the physical image. It gives credibility to the online promotions that are done. When you see a big banner or a signboard of a brand that you saw online you know that it is a validation in itself.

Offline marketing is crucial when you are trying to run the roots of your brand deep in to the local market. This is how you make your brand standout. Hoardings, banners, pamphlets, billboards, flyers and other live events that showcase your brand can help to put the spotlight on you.

Explore the digital tools

Presentation really matters. Leaving a bland poster with only plain text can work if you are an established brand. But you need more than that when you are new to the market. You need to make eye-catching displays that get the attention right away. There are various digital tools that can help you create absolutely stunning poster images and videos.

ONPASSIVE offers O-Dit an AI enabled tool that comes with hundreds of themes and options to create stunning imagery. There are other tools that support marketing activities like the O-Post tool by ONPASSIVE. This tool helps in sending out bulk emails based on the customer base that you wish to target.

There are various other tools that can help you run a flawless marketing campaign. You can build your brand position upwards with the combination of multiple platforms that can help with an end to end marketing plan.


In the increasingly virtual market that we have now, we cannot overlook the importance the online medium has. Every consumer before making a purchase now looks for online validation. Having the right image both online and offline is absolutely important. If you are a new business then you need to make sure that your marketing strategy has a combination of both online and offline methodologies.

Explore the plethora of tools that are available now with the growing technological trends. If you want to get ahead the rest of the businesses in your niche, then you need to make sure that you are doing it on time. If you delay someone else will make the most of the opportunity. Do not delay. Discover and take advantage of the market at the earliest.