Marketing Trends

We are almost four months into 2020 and there are many things already happening in the marketing world. Though many of these things are reminiscence of last year, there are a few marketing trends that you should aware of or will foresee in the remainder of the year. We have listed these marketing trends for the remainder of the year ahead for your leisurely read.

1st Trend: Over-reliance on Google Analytics could be dangerous

We all love Google Analytics so much so that we log in to it at least 4-5 times a day. Since the tool itself is free, it is a great tool. But with the change in marketing tactics, new channels such as voice search also is being introduced, and transactions have become much more complex than someone coming and buying from you.  Marketing concepts such as upsells, cross-sells, down sells, repeat purchases, and even checkout bumps are the norms of the day.

Then there are many different ways you can generate revenue for your online business, such as partnerships, affiliate marketing, and even webinars. All these factors are giving a big shove toward business intelligence. It is now becoming a central place where you can tie in all of your data and make better-informed decisions so you can optimize for your lifetime value instead of your short-term income.

2020 will be the year where you will see many companies adopting business intelligence solutions from both paid and free ones. One of the best smart business solutions you can probably look into is ONPASSIVE AI systems and Google Data Studio (GDS). GDS lets pass all your business and marketing data into one place, including the granular data from your Facebook ad campaigns into Data studio.

Likewise, with Ubersuggest, it only takes a few minutes to dig up keyword data so you can adjust your content and marketing strategies accordingly. You will find the number of organic keywords your domain ranks for with this tool. And other data in this tool include:

  • Organic monthly traffic – the total estimated traffic the domain gets for the keywords.
  • Domain score – the overall strength of the website, with 1 the lowest and 100 the highest
  • Backlinks – the number of backlinks to the website from other websites

Further scrolling down to SEO Keywords, this is the data you won’t find on Google Analytics. To start, the lefthand column is a list of all the keywords your site ranks for. This is followed by:

  • Volume – the number of searches the keyword gets each month
  • Position – the position the URL is ranked for in Google search
  • Estimated visits – the estimated traffic the web page gets from Google for the keyword

Ubersuggest brings it all under one roof. Along with reviewing all your keywords, complete with volume, position, estimated visits, and SEO difficulty, you can also type in a competitor name and see their keywords.  Now, in addition to the keywords you’re already ranking for, you can uncover those that your competitors are ranking for, thus giving you additional ideas on what to target next.

If you want to win big, combine Analytics with other tools to access advanced data for making more informed decisions.

2nd Trend: Firms will optimize for voice search, not for revenue

We had mentioned that over 50% of searches in 2020, will be in the form of voice searches. Companies will be optimizing for voice search to get their brand out more. There are specialized AI companies with smart devices that can learn from each customer and customize the interactions.

For example, if you have been ordering the same toothpaste from a specific store using voice search, these devices keep track of that so you can easily keep ordering the same product over and over again with little to no friction. It is easier than logging into your computer or pulling out your phone to make a purchase.

3rd Trend: Look for alternative communication channels

Email is here to stay for a long time. You need to send cleaner emails and also know how to optimize its deliverability. But in 2020, companies will have to leverage more communication channels and look beyond emails.

Chatbots could be a great communication channel in itself but it will not take off drastically. This is when you could leverage the existing communication channels such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp as it is popular.  In addition to chatbots, you’ll see more people leveraging tools that allow push notifications like Subscribers.

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4th Trend: Moats will almost be non-existent, other than brands

Moats are those watery channels around a castle which helps the castle from invaders. There was a drawbridge where you could get in and out of the castle.

With regards to your business too, you may have a moat. It could either be a feature, your cost structure, a technological advantage, or even a marketing advantage. Branding could be your strongest most in 2020 and it could also fetch you into the future. This is the reason why companies are spending over 10 billion dollars a year on influencer marketing.

You will want to build a brand in 2020. Whether it is personal or corporate, it’s the best moat you can build in marketing.

5th Trend: Start using automation as marketing will now be a more level playing field

If you area startup, it is recommendable to start using automation. Everyone is trying to use AI to make SEO and other forms of marketing as software solutions are now starting to integrate AI to give better recommendations.  ONPASSIVE, AI specialists can even automate your SEO. Their automated SEO solution increases page views per visit by 60% as well as provides 21% more keywords on page one. You will start seeing many more software companies leverage AI.

As far as the money is concerned, financial institutes have started to make it easier for startups and new businesses to get approved for larger limits and you may not have to pay them back right away. There are financing companies that will give you cash to spend on marketing, so non-venture funded companies can more easily compete.

If everyone is leveraging the same AI marketing technology, how is that you can beat your competitors? A good question. Well, it will come down to everything else… price, customer service, upselling, operations, sales… All of the small stuff is what’s going to help you win.

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