marketing & advertising

For a successful business, you need to understand why and how marketing and advertising is different with each other and how you can use both effectively, while the significant features of both the product is to influence the target audience.

What is Advertising?

Advertising is a promotional activity and an action of grabbing public attention, aiming at the selling of an idea, goods or services to the target audience. Advertising comes in many types, shapes and sizes. In simple terms, advertising is an attempt to influence the buying behavior of the target audience with an effective medium of interaction or broadcasting a message.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is a form of persuasive communication with the consumer, providing a better understanding of why any consumer should choose your product and services over the others. Marketing consists of business management and commerce practiced to build a new relationship or maintain an older one, directly affecting B2C (Business to Consumers) or B2B (Business to Business).

How Anyone Advertises?

Advertising involves the creation of a campaign, which is specific to the requirement of a certain number of customers in a particular region or similar wants. Advertisement campaigns are the blending of different media platforms, including social media, radio, television and print media.

Advertising supports marketing by spreading knowledge about any product or service available in the market, locally or globally. Interacting with customer and keeping them updated is an excellent approach to market your brand along with advertising your product.

How Anyone Market?

There are six different classifications into marketing, also known as 6p’s of marketing strategy: Product, Price, Place, People, Promotion and Process. Marketing is a general term that incorporates many other characterizations, including advertising, planning, strategies, R&D, budgeting, customer service, feedback and analysis.

Marketing main focus is on who will be using the product (target audience)? Where to sell the product (Location)? How much should MRP be (Price)? And what are the ways to distribute the product?

Difference Between Advertising & Marketing:

  • Co-relation: As discussed above, marketing is a broader expression which includes advertising in it, but an advertisement doesn’t contain any marketing in it. Promotional nature of advertising focuses on a particular product range, price range and target audience.
  • Character: 6p’s (Product, Price, Place, People, Process and Promotion) are characteristics of marketing while promotion is the characteristic of advertising.
  • Purpose: Marketing primary purpose is an increase in the sale, whereas the primary purpose of advertising is leading more customers towards a specific product or service.
  • Kernel: Most significant character of marketing is building a market place and reputation for a brand or product and advertisements center on endeavoring public attention.

It doesn’t matter what business you do. Marketing and advertisement both are significant expressions in any industry. So, understanding the difference between these two terminologies is very important.

In this article, we’ve covered in-depth information on advertising and marketing, along with the differences between these two terminologies. Now you have all the knowledge you require on both to make your brand reach heights.