Small Businesses

The iPhone has proliferated; now, it is the leading digital platform. The mobiles are sophisticated with lots of features in them.

For small businesses, it is easy to manage a company with a mobile. The mobiles are excellent tools that can accomplish a lot, like starting a business. It would be best if you have creative ideas to use effectively.

Let’s see how to run a small business using an iPhone.

Develop Communication Protocols

Managing business and team is your primary concern. When you run a business, sending emails, document sharing, everything is vital. But the iPhone makes your work easy; you can share it and receive it from anywhere and anytime. You can connect to your team 24/7.

You need to be updated using technology to run the business successfully. Using Slack, Basecamp, HubSpot on iPhone can develop communication with your team and monitor the protocols.

You can use Zoom to conduct meetings with important clients. The iPhone camera quality increases the visual and creative appeal.

Social Platforms


When you start a small business, you need to build a good community on the internet. A gathering will help you to build a brand reputation and will support you at all times.

Start developing your business using social media apps; it will strengthen your business. Lead your social media accounts and interact with your followers to solve their problems. Keep yourself updated on social media by posting related content by following the trend on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. To reuse content, use a tool like Hootsuite to use many accounts from a single platform.

Managing Business Payments

As you are a business person, you need to carry several transactions daily. To maintain a healthy business, you need to monitor the cash flow. Use Netbanking and mobile banking to sustain business and to purchase stocks in the market. Besides your bank’s apps, you can use PayPal, Venom, Stripe, or; these will help you maintain payments using your smartphones.

Visual Content

Nowadays, businesses are transforming into visual content. A video format is a fantastic way to keep customers stick to your products and services since it gives a personalized feeling.

iPhone has a high-quality camera equal to DSLRs. You can capture and edit using Lightroom and Snapseed the product and publish it to seek customer attention. To develop your brand, repurpose the content. Use these shares via email to potential clients or use these images on your website by providing accurate amends.

Exclusive apps

iPhone has many exclusive apps; you can use it depending on your purpose.

Some apps like Dropbox, Business Plans for Startups, Mint, and more are some apps you can use. These apps can help build a team, draw a mind map for understanding the procedure, and build a team.


iPhone provides you highly secure system, but not totally. Sometimes hackers may find a way to hack it, so you need to be very careful with its security. Try to seek for best security features and manage them to your business needs. You always make sure that IOS should always be up to date.

Small Business Apps

As an entrepreneur, it is essential to develop applications for small business to make them successful.

Use PayPal or Square for transactions, Hootsuite to monitor the digital presence, Slack to communicate, Rescue Time to track time, Shopify to check order history and customer purchase.

You can access these apps from any device with login credentials without worrying about losing data. Most of the apps are free to use.


Nowadays, everything is digital; it makes every work easy. For a small business, you can easily manage your work effectively using an iPhone. Using an iPhone, you can develop communication protocols like sending emails, documents, conducting meetings and more. You can also set a social media community to increase your brand reputation and help you manage business payments. You can create unique visual content related to your products to seek customer’s attraction.