Modern Marketing

No matter what new technology is evolving and how many trends are changing, there’s one thing in this digital space that has still stuck – Email. Thankfully, email marketing is a platform full of smart and creative people who not only try to keep the business running but also try to build a successful business model. The endless search to improve and advance email marketing has led to finding several new technologies like Chatbots. 

It is almost 2020, and we are already under the influence of modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence, NLP, Machine Learning and chatbots. Our smartphones can perform basic artificial intelligence activities. Google’s – Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa are NLP automation programs acting as virtual assistants to make the job of a smartphone user simpler. 

Slowly chatbots are making their way into more sectors. There are thousands of websites hosting chatbots as customer support to help customers visiting sites and helps them with their queries. Marketing is also one place where chatbots are making a lot of noise in making a marketer’s work simple and effective. Email marketing is one such place where chatbots are coming in handy. 

Below are a few ways how Chatbots and Email Marketing can work together:

#1 Bot in Building Email Subscription List

Building an email subscription list is probably one of the easiest and effective strategies to implement because the main aim is clear: attract new leads to sign up for an email list. Data has become the new oil and this is one of the main reasons why it is not easy to get people into giving their data like email address, name and other contact info. Chatbots on the other side make this task easier.

A user triggers a conversation when he/she confronts a bot, the bot can ask a few details (gender, areas of interest, preferred interest, etc.) with the email address. All this information is then transferred to the website’s database where a company can access this information for further actions such as sending marketing emails. It is one of the easiest ways to grow subscribers and the reach your target audience with personalized information from Chatbots. 

#2 Nurture Lead Generation Process

Sales don’t happen just like that. For larger or special purchases, consumers often take a lot of time to think and research several options before making a purchase. With the help of email marketing and chatbots together, you can follow up with a customer easily.

  • Email – A marketing professional can send important documents and comprehensive information that helps potential consumers to make the right decision.
  • Chatbot – When the customer is on the website, chatbots can respond and communicates with the customers about the questions asked. This helps in generating leads quickly. 

#3 Chatbots Increases Conversion Rate

One of the Holy Grail metrics in marketing tactics is the conversion rate. The average email open rate is 24.79% across industries. It might seem great on the surface but when it comes to generating leads and new business from email, very fewer people get further than this. With the help of chatbots, it is observed that consumers are three times more likely to but from a website that has virtual assistant chat integration.  Evidently, people prefer instant messaging bot more than email, because it is fast, convenient and easy. When email marketing is used well with the help of chatbots, it is easy to generate more leads and build a stronger relationship with consumers.