Hello ash & his lovely wife & family and all TEC team and team! I am lost for words to know how hard you all have put into this company that is driven by god. I am sure all your hearts are so big bigger then the earth. I am so full of love here at being a founder! I have tears of love, tears of heartfelt stories from around the world. I love listening and learning about others around the world! I always knew there was a lot of less that people had then me but, i had no means to help other then by praying or helping on what little i have. Thanks to u Mr. & Mrs. Ash & your family. We will be able to help so many and see o-mazing change and smiles around the world! We will feel so awesome to have helped so many.! I am excited to hear the stories and see the smiles of so many, and this also will fill my heart.

Onpassive is more than a company! We are the correction for the corruption of humanity! As ash always says “do it or die “. He has said that from day one! Most people would have thrown in the towel by now! God is guiding ash & his family and all the tec team.! Ash says one person is a drop of water, but together we are the ocean! I am excited to meet the king & the queen & their family & the tec team & the ocean of founders.! We have only just begun!

Thanks from the very, very, very bottom of my heart!

God bless u all!

Praying u all stay well & safe.!