Popular Social Messaging Apps

The development and utilization of social messaging apps have enabled businesses to engage more with their customers. The messaging apps have gained immense popularity over the past few years as billions of people have access to them and utilize them to stay in touch with others.

The increasing adoption of these apps has resulted in many businesses taking advantage of them and utilizing them for business communication in recent years. These apps will allow businesses to interact with their customers on a one-on-one basis, thereby enabling personalized communication with their audience or clients.

Customers these days expect businesses to be present on these social messaging apps as the trend of calling the customer support team for any queries is slowly fading these days. 

However, messaging is considered one the quick and easiest ways to interact with a business. The medium presents companies with an excellent opportunity to instantly respond and build a rapport with their potential customers. 

There are various popular social messaging apps in the market that organizations can use to boost their business communication. When utilized correctly, they can be very beneficial for businesses. However, choosing the best app with all the required features is crucial for more refined communication. 

Top 5 Social Messaging Apps Used By Most Businesses

The following are the top 5 popular social messaging apps used by businesses to boost their professional communication and engage more customers:

  • Facebook Messenger 

Facebook messenger is one of the most popular social messaging apps with more than 1.3 billion active users and is expected to increase its users by the end of 2021. This is why most businesses consider using Facebook to interact with their customers and promote their business online. 

The Facebook messenger comes with features that enable businesses to send automated messages, give instant replies to customer queries, and also allows them to send personalized greetings that improve your team’s productivity. 

In addition, the chat threads are easy to initiate. Whenever a customer clicks on the “send message” button, it instantly triggers an immediate conversation with your team.

  •  LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows businesses to create a more meaningful network that helps to build credibility for organizations. It is one of the most effective platforms that businesses can use for the purpose of digital marketing. 

In addition, businesses can even create a professional network on LinkedIn message and tailor each request, enabling them to customize their connection requests, thereby building credible connections with their customers.

  •  Skype 

Another popular social messaging app that is used for professional business communication is Skype. This app is primarily utilized by businesses and is an excellent platform that provides good quality audio and video chat, among other features.

It is the most user-friendly app and allows the effortless transfer of files within few seconds while keeping your data safe and secure.

  •  Instagram Direct 

Instagram is an app that has been most popular in the past few months, and more than 500 million users are using this app on a daily basis. Businesses cannot ignore this medium as a viable customer service medium with the growing popularity of this social messaging app.

Instagram direct even supports video chat and allows businesses to provide a delightful customer experience.

  •  Twitter

Many businesses are actively using Twitter as it is an open forum for customers to express their opinions. In addition, the direct message option enables businesses to have a private space that enables them to exchange information with customers. 

The direct messaging consolidates the previous interactions into one thread, making it easier for businesses to recall crucial details from their past conversations.

These are the top 5 most popular social messaging apps that most businesses prefer to use to communicate and engage their customers. However, various other apps such as Whatsapp, Slack, Telegram, Kik, and many others can be used for business communication.

Most of these messaging apps are free and user-friendly and allows to have personalized interaction with others. 


Messaging is considered the most straightforward and simple way to initiate to communicate or initiate a conversation. Customers can comfortably contact your business through messages whenever they have a query or a concern. 

Therefore, having a presence and staying active on social messaging apps has become vital for businesses to effortlessly gain acknowledgment in the market and build a strong relationship with customers.