Are you thinking of starting a startup company, be at the forefront of the right niche market. We can take the example of the first cookie dough café opened in New York City in 2017. 

But now, there are many cafés across the city. People loved the idea and resulted in numerous cafes.

Unique business ideas help you to be at the top as there will be less competition. And owners should make sure that their business will remain on everyone’s mind. Here are some business ideas to help you in 2020. These ideas are built based on startup costs, the owner’s skill, and the earning potential.

Top 5 Steps you should follow for a Successful Startup Business

  • Cleaning Service:

You can do a cleaning business if you like cleaning. You can provide cleaning services to the homeowners, apartments, and commercial properties by hiring a few staff members and hosting cleaning supplies and transportation.

You can charge up to 30-40$ per hour. Cleaning service is a straightforward business and requires little overhead. It will be best to have a plan, dedication, and marketing to get your business famous. Add some premium options like floor waxing, exterior power washing, and many for an additional fee if you want to make a difference between you and other cleaning services.

All these services are the deciding factors between your cleaning service and seasoned companies to maintain many customers for providing a high level of cleaning.

  • Freelance Copywriter:

If you have a bit of marketing knowledge, you can make yourself a freelance copywriter. Companies will pay for your services by writing blog posts, web content, or press releases. You can increase your value by helping your clients with a specific keyword that targets the audience already using their online searches. You can charge $40 to $50 per hour and even more based on expertise in a given vertical cloud.

Freelance copywriting is a great business to start and can work as long as you have internet. Even you can work from your home comfortably. You can also do a freelance writing job full time if you have an extensive network and gain some clients referrals.

  • Home Care Services:

A passion for care and hospitality can support household seniors who need home care services. Home care service has a high demand and grows regularly. To the National Institute on Aging, the population is increasing globally between 2010 and 2050, and the global number of centenarians is increasing tenfold. So, many need home care services and assistance.

There is no need to have the background to help seniors and grow a successful business even though those skills have particular demand. Most of the seniors need help from small to big around the house. You can make your business to help seniors from their homes to assisted living facilities and can offer services like packing, transporting, setting up, and to store their furniture.

  • Digital Marketing:

The importance of the internet is increasing every day. More trends are happening for the businesses to cut according to the clutter and to market themselves properly. There is a demand for digital marketing services, and many small and mid-size companies approach outsources rather than hiring teams.

You will have a business opportunity with freedom even from home if you have cuts in SEO, content marketing, pay-per-click, web development, and social media management. Digital marketing is very crucial for a brand. Social media management is done by watching for comments and messages around the clock.

SMM is not just scheduling posts in a set-it-and-forget-it type. Digital marketing is the right business for you if you enjoy making strategies and implementing plans.

  • Food Truck:

A food truck business is an excellent business for you if you love food and traveling. Food trucks are available in all sizes and shapes. It will serve a wide range of snacks and cuisines to hungry event attendees or foodies.

Have your favorite food on the road and travel the events you like to sell your passions directly to the customers. You can do according to your passion and can get a chance to connect with people who will have similar interests.

A food truck may sound like a rough idea, but there will be profitable growth. A food truck costs less than owning a restaurant, and also you have the added advantage of mobility.