Small Business Tools

Small businesses are no more a thing that needs to have a long framework or top-of-the-class inventory for greater returns and early success. A small business owner should just have the tools that are important and add to the assets of maintaining and succeeding in the big enterprise industry. There are various tools and applications that are a must-have for small businesses, and some of the primary objectives for these tools encompass Project Management, VPN Software, Website Accessibility, Team Communication, and an Email Marketing tool for advertising and marketing. 

Let us look at some of the important tools you need under all these categories. 

1. VPN Software – NordVPN 

NordVPN is an award-winning enterprise level virtual private network (IDSC) and high-speed virtual private network (HVCN) service that offers a high level of functionality and security while reducing the need for installation. NordVPN is an open-source project based on the Nettle VPN project, which is aimed at providing high-quality VPN solutions in an extremely cost-effective manner. It also provides its customers with a free trial to help them evaluate the service and see if it’s right for their needs.

The primary goal of NordVPN is to offer highly customizable IP telephony services from a remote location. This includes support for a range of telephone protocols such as GSM, CDMA, WLL, PDC, EDGE, and FLEX. There are several reasons why telephony is a crucial feature of a VPN server, and these include: secure channel entry, reduced bandwidth usage, increase scalability for long-term usage, prevent unauthorized access, increased productivity, and better manage internal and/or external traffic. These reasons make it extremely important for users to select a VPS with excellent features. Users will have immediate access to the NordVPN android application, which provides the most comprehensive online resources available to today’s internet users.

2. Project Management Tool – Asana 

Asana is a program designed to assist teams in organizing, managing, and synchronizing their daily activities. Asana organizes workers into small groups to tackle various tasks, such as recording data, sharing information, checking project status, setting up timetables, and reporting progress. Each member of a team has the power to perform one task; all the members can communicate with each other through text or voice over IP. Each member can access the shared resources, which include information from files, servers, and printers. Each member can perform several tasks, such as editing data, generating reports, storing data, and submitting jobs. 

A web-based dashboard displays all the activity that is going on within the Asana software. Some of the best features of Asana include its ability to track time spent on tasks and assess progress over time. Its powerful task management software helps teams to collaborate more easily and more efficiently. And, with the help of its easy-to-use dashboard, you can get the most from your team by providing them with a daily check-in tool.

3. Website Accessibility Tool – Dynomapper 

The Dynomapper optimizer is a powerful program that can greatly help in reducing the number of manual tasks performed by an IT professional and instead provide it with automated results that are more accurate than what an employee can do manually. As such, a program is a great tool for automating and streamlining the IT processes that your company already has in place.

Aside from the online database, the program also features a highly customizable web-based user interface, search options, and extensive support for multiple databases. Another feature that sets Dynomapper apart from its competitors is its highly customizable search option which allows users to specify the kind of data they want to search for in a certain field. In addition to that, it also allows you to filter the results based on the number of searches in a day, frequency, time period, geographical location, and many other parameters. With Dynomapper, you can save a lot of time and effort as you manage your business effectively and efficiently.

4. Email Marketing – Moosend

Moosend is an Internet-based advertising platform where small and medium-sized businesses can create and manage their own advertising plans, tracking, and results. Their services are aimed at helping owners of small businesses advertise to people who are already interested. So it’s like a social network for advertisers!

What does Moosend actually cost? There’s a simple monthly plan and also a pay-as-you-go (credits) scheme. They even have a royal free email advertising package with 1.000 contacts and unlimited sending of messages for no additional cost. The platform provides the tools to manage a variety of advertising plans and integrate customer support in case you have any problems along the way.

What other things does Moosend have to offer? The most basic features are a large database of customers, advanced reporting functionality, an attractive and easy-to-use interface, and numerous customizable templates. Moosend also has a backend system for integration with third-party services such as Aweber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and many others. So if you want to start an AdWords campaign or manage it through an autoresponder, then Moosend could be just what you’re looking for.

5. Team Communication – O-Peer 

O-Peer by ONPASSIVE is an office communication tool that is aimed at improving the performance of a business organization. It has various features like persistent chat channels, private messaging, and real-time threaded comments. ONPASSIVE is an AI IT company that develops AI-enabled software tools and applications for every type of business. It also features a large number of plugins for things like website statistics and measurement, productivity monitoring, and more. Unlike most other systems, O-Peer does not require a browser to use. All you need is your web browser or, if you prefer, an Internet Explorer-based client like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

O-Peer has been designed with the modern office in mind, using technology that allows you to make apps and tools that can be viewed in the background, as well as sync everything together using an email interface. You can set up custom groups with specific permissions for the administrators of certain functions, such as being able to view certain files or chat with certain people. Developers who want a way to communicate with their colleagues can use O-Peer’s threaded commenting feature, which has the same basic functionality as any other forum-type commenting system. This way, you can make quick notes about specific things, whether you’re discussing an issue in a support forum or just posting general questions. 

Wrapping Up

Establishing a small business and setting it up is not an easy task. However, with the help of the tools mentioned above and applications, small business owners can definitely review all critical decisions that are to be taken. Every touchpoint has to be taken care of right from taking the correct order to its delivery, and every aspect has to be carefully monitored for improved and enhanced performance. 

The tools and applications suggested in this blog would definitely help in accelerating the growth of your business in the right direction.