ustomer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management Software is the widely used technology during the recent time and is sure to grow in the coming years. The statistics reveal that revenue generated by CRM would be more than $ 80 billion by 2025.

CRM has gained significance due to its ability to gather the right customers required for any business using cloud-based technology. 

Customer data is the king. Marketing strategies are being best implemented by collecting valuable customer data. Personalized emails and customized services can be developed by studying customer data. Thereby, increases user engagement and attention. 

CRM supports device compatibility; thus, the usage of all mobile and smart devices has widely grown. 

 Customer Relationship Management Software statistics that drive new interests and overcomes challenges in the coming times are mentioned below:

 Customer Relationship Management Software statistics 

l Proper knowledge and the required training of Customer Relationship Management Software must be incorporated into one’s business to derive work productivity and quality outputs. Consequently, the usage of the software can grow multiple times.

l The Forester results proved that 50% of the teams had derived enhanced work outputs. Laptops, Desktops, Smartphones and Tablets stand in the descending order concerning CRM software usage.

l Surprisingly, the usage of CRM software rose from 12% in 2008 to 87% at present. The results prove its outstanding nature and significance for any business.

l Statistics reveal that businesses showing interest to adopt CRM software has increased to 44% in 2021 from 38% in 2020. This proves that organizations are interested in financing the software. 

These statistics reveal that more businesses are interested in establishing a good relationship with the customers and retaining them. 

In this modernized world where internet usage is high, more than 50% of the users seek various search engines to find information through various devices.

How to engage and give customers the best experience with various digitalization techniques? The answer lies with CRM software. Incorporating it in any business will ensure timely, productive and quality results. 


CRM software takes form through various sources. Making the right choice can prove effective. ONPSSIVE is an AI-Powered organization is built to solve work complexities and produce efficient outputs. 

Qualitative analysis and statistics reveal that businesses opting for CRM software is flourishing. O-Desk ( erstwhile O-Lead ) is a Customer Relationship Management Software of ONPASSIVE intending to leverage the CRM features. 

Quality: Quality leads can contribute to growth as their role in promoting the business brand image is vital. That is what the O-Desk role can do for your business in gathering quality customer’s profiles. 

Analytics: Analysis is as important as implementation. So, a significant amount of time has to be categorized for analyzing how things are working and draw the outputs. O-Desk can help assess customer expectations, implement various marketing strategies and suggests new ideas according to the latest marketing trends.

Leverages platforms: O-Desk is built to optimize various platforms such as websites, emails and Social Media 

Gain user’s interest: AI technology of the tool suggests ideas and improvements to engage the customers at best. The sentiment analysis of the tools can identify the user’s intent of any conversation. 

Conclusion :

Statistics reveal that the experience of using Customer Relationship Management Software is excellent.

As CRM software is a cloud software, it enables the flexibility of working from anywhere, anytime. Thus, tedious work turns simple, user transactions become easy, and updates are well known across various users.

Are you waiting to make CRM software as part of your system? Well, O-Desk can prove effective.