My compliments

Is there anything that can be compared to ONPASSIVE? YES, there is! A Slow Cooker!

You place it on the counter and take the lid off. It’s a cold, empty container. But when you place a really nice cut of meat in it to roast you begin to build something. You plan all the things you want to include from the vegetables to the seasonings, herbs, spices, rubs, and special things like whole garlic cloves inserted into the meat to other things from your grandmother’s special recipe that no one else knows about. They’re all there sitting in the cooker waiting for you to make it all happen. You put the lid on and set the timer to 10 hours slow cooking time then go about your business preparing other things, cleaning up, doing other chores around the house… and what happens?

The house begins to fill with a delicious aroma that stimulates and excites all your senses. After a few hours, you can hardly stand the wait but you know it will take all the time needed to be done right. When the time is right you serve it on the table and watch everyone rush to the table to be ready to partake of the wonderful meal that has been titillating all their senses all day long.

And there you have it. When ONPASSIVE is ready to be served up at our Founders table all the world will want to be invited to have a place at the table and partake of the wonderful meal that is ONPASSIVE.

Bon Appetite! My compliments to our 5-Star Chef Mr. Ash Mufareh!

Source: GoFounders Community